2 Ways Raila is Fooling Uhuru - Mutahi Ngunyi

Mutahi Ngunyi reveals how Raila is seemingly playing with President Kenyatta's head.


In his analysis titled Did ODM Swallow NASA? Is Raila a War Monger?, Mr. Ngunyi opines that Odinga is using diversionary tactics to distract President Kenyatta.

First, the political scientist remarks that the constant allegations that Kenyatta and his Jubilee Party are planning to rig the August 8 General Election was part of Odinga's supposed ploy.

According to Ngunyi, the former Prime Minister was simply raising the claims to turn heads on Kenyatta, yet he is planning to steal the elections himself.

"Raila is playing a reverse psychology on Uhuru. This is a game in which you say one thing but you mean another," Ngunyi alleged.

"For instance, Raila has told us that Uhuru will rig this election but it is possible Raila is saying this because he plans to rig himself. And by putting the spotlight on Uhuru, he is taking away the attention from himself. This way he can rig without anyone noticing," Ngunyi claims.

Secondly, the professor notes that the former Prime Minister is fooling the Head of State by seemingly putting on a facade that he is unprepared for the upcoming polls.

Ngunyi theorizes that this is also a tactic the ODM chief is using to throw off Mr. Kenyatta.

"Raila has given us the impression that he is not prepared for this election and this is why he is doing everything possible to stop it through court cases and I say that this is nothing but political nonsense because Raila is well prepared for this election than any other election in his entire lifetime.

"But to cover up his preparedness, he is using diversionary tactics and court cases are an example. So if fighting IEBC is diversionary, what is Raila main game plan?" he poses.

The analyst, who has been trying to demystify the political scene in Kenya, highlights that he does not know what Odinga is up to.


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