The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) on Sunday issued a statement following an attack on police officers in Ikolomani, Kakamega County.

The 10 injured law enforcement officers were attacked during a bullfighting event in the county.

It is reported that the officers were attempting to enforce COVID-19 safety measures when members of the public turned on them.

Four police vehicles are also said to have been extensively damaged in the altercation.

“Such acts foster anarchy, break established order in society and exacerbate the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease in the country,” IPOA stated in part.

Two suspects were arrested after police accused them of instigating the attack against the law enforcement officers.

Geoffrey Matioli and Petro Njomu were named as the suspects behind the attack.

The injured police officers were admitted at the Shibwe Level Four Sub-county Hospital.

Bullfighting is an annual cultural event held by natives of the region.

The gathering is said to have been attended by at least 500 men armed with clubs and sticks.