Kenya Navy on spot after refusing to rescue fishermen stranded at sea for 17 days

Kenya Navy left us - fishermen narrate ordeal at deep sea

Kenya Navy boat patrolling the sea

Kenyans on Twitter have demanded action after fishermen accused Kenya Navy of refusing to rescue them when they were stranded at sea.

The Kenyan fishermen said that their boat drifted to the deep sea due to heavy winds and they were stranded at the ocean without food and water.

According to the captain of the boat, Malik Mbwana, they ran out of fuel while they drifted further away at the deep sea.

"At the ocean, we experienced heavy rainfall and we ran out of fuel, when we woke up we didn't know where we were," Mbwana stated.

Navy refused to rescue

While at the deep sea, the fishermen spotted Kenya Navy boats that were patrolling but the officers did not help despite the fishermen asking for help.

"On the ninth day we saw the navy, we called them to help us with food and water but they refused to help us and we were stuck at the deep sea," Mbwana added.

After 17 days they found themselves near ngomeni village and they were rescued and taken to Malindi sub-county hospital.

Kenyans on Twitter demanded heads to roll at the Kenya Navy with many wondering why the officers did not rescue the fishermen.


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