Worrying trend reveals that Kenyans are paying a heavy price at the hands of ruthless Chinese bosses

Harsh masters: The untold horror resembles scenes from the days of slave trade

File image of a Kenyan National and three Chinese nationals who were arrested with wildlife trophies in 2029 at the Milimani Law Courts

The much-talked aboutkenya new Chinese takeover of Kenya is unfolding one scandal at a time, revealing tales of horror at the hands of brutal Chinese masters.

In what resembles scenes from the days of slave trade, horrible Chinese masters mistreat, flog and degrade Kenyan citizens whose only fault is earning an honest living while employed by their Chinese counterparts.

The viral video of Simon Oseko who was allegedly flogged by Deng Hailan at Chez Wou restaurant is just a tip of the ice-berg of deep problem that if not checked, is a ticking time bomb.

Slowly but steadily, nationals of China are earning the tag of arrogant masters, brutal employers who break Kenyan laws at will.

While Kenya has benefited tremendously from its partnership with China, and majority of Chinese nationals in Kenya are doing a commendable job, upholding the dignity of Kenyans that is under siege from a few rogue Chinese elements is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

From abusing the president to systemic harassment of Kenyan workers at Sonlink

In September 2018, a Chinese businessman identified as Liu Jiaqi was arrested and deported after a video of him making a string of racist remarks remarks in which he refered to Kenyan Presidet Uhuru Kenyatta as a monkey was widely shared on social media.

"Every one, every Kenyan... like a monkey, even (Kenyan President) Uhuru Kenyatta. All of them," he said.

He added that he only stays in Kenya because "money is important".

A week after he was deported, it emerged that black Kenyan employees reportedly subjected to systemic harassment by Chinese bosses at his Chinese motorcycle assembling firm- Sonlink.

Failing to pick a phone call from the bosses attracts a fine of Sh. 1000 and this is increased to 2000 should one fail to pick more than one call. Every minute of lateness would see an employee lose 50 shillings and laughing is a crime, making the environment tense and somber.

The untold pain and suffering of Kenyan SGR workers

In 2018, the untold pain and suffering of Kenyan SGR workers at the Standard Gauge Railway hit headlines, sparking outrage.

An expose contained in the Sunday Standard revealed systemic racial discrimination in which unwritten laws dictate that Kenyan workers cannot share the same table with their Chinese counterparts.

The same extends to the staff vans which Kenyans are not to share with their Chinese colleagues and Kenyan workers are also not allowed to use their phones in the train and the penalty for this is dismissal as opposed to their Chinese counterparts who have the luxury of using their phones and even smoking on the train.

The expose revealed that even manual jobs were being taken over by an endless line of Chinese workers eager to take on the roles as soon as a Kenyan is dismissed on flimsy grounds with some Kenyans earn less than a quarter of what their Chinese counterparts earn for the same job.

In January last year, three Chinese nationals and a Kenyan were arrested in Kilimani for being in possession of wildlife trophies worth millions in a raid that shocked the nation.

During the raid, police discovered a tortoise, elephant tusks, leopard skins and other contraband goods.

In Jun last year, DCI detectives arrested seven Chinese nationals who have been operating businesses out of Gikomba Market.

A statement from the CS's office outlined that the seven had been deported in accordance with the law after Dr Matiang'i signed their deportation orders.

"Upon further interrogation, seven Chinese nationals were found to have vagrantly flouted immigration rules.


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