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Bishop Margaret Wanjiru's retreat after warning Ruto & Gachagua lights up the internet

Hours after declaring that she is done with President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua who she supported and campaigned for in 2022, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has taken a hasty retreat that has sent tongues wagging.

An image shared by Bishop Margaret Wanjiru showing her in the company of President William Ruto and other UDA politicians

The Jesus Is Alive Ministries (JIAM) founder made the declaration after an invasion in her church in which part of the church was reportedly demolished.

The fracas witnessed left Bishop Wanjiru with injuries that saw her admitted to hospital and walk on crutches.

The bishop who was not impressed with the turn of events conveyed her disappointment, addressing the president and his deputy directly.

"I was one of the founding members of UDA. I campaigned for a whole year when others came to just steal what I had worked for, yet I let go.


"I have loved you, my president. I have loved you, my deputy president. I have loved your family. When you call, I obey. But behold, from this day... tables are turning." Declared Wanjiru on Thursday.

"You have rewarded us with broken legs, broken arms, hurting bodies... You truly, truly, truly have rewarded us with evil.

"You went for Benny Hinn in America, but you will look for me... I'm not moving, and I'm not going anywhere," Bishop Wanjiru added, addressed President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.


The terse statement saw her declare that tables were turning and a broken relationship with the leadership of a party she helped found.

Bishop Wanjiru's retreat that sent tongues wagging

A few hours later, Wanjiru made a U-turn, catching many by surprise.

What informed the change of heart is a matter of speculation as it remains unclear whether Wanjiru engaged the President and his deputy to settle issues that only hours earlier had seen her talk tough and warn of dire consequences.

“I have much respect and love for His Excellency Dr William Ruto, our Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and their families. We started this journey towards building a better and a more prosperous Nation together and we shall finish well, together. Hon. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru - J.I.A.M.” she wrote on X.


Her sudden change of heart did not escape the attention of curious netizens with many questioning what had informed the same.

Others held that despite warming up to the President and his deputy, the truth on the land in question should be established and ownership given to the rightful owner with no parties in the matter being shielded by politicians.

Farhiya Abass:It's like you guys have resolved the matter over a cup of tea

Ochieng Malo: Umwondoa curses?


Hassanbajun Happiest: But that doesn't mean they'll not reclaim public land from you if indeed you have stolen it.

Stella Murithi: What has changed

Eng Geoffrey: This sounds different from your media presser. Have you posted under duress mchungaji? Or you have done some reflection and realized anger got over you?

Coachez: Kigeugeu. Why the change of heart?


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