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I take responsibility for the slow pace of reforms - CS Kindiki says on passport delays

CS Kithure Kindiki announces fresh crackdown at Nyayo House over passport delays

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki speaking at Harambee House Annex in Nairobi

The Ministry of Interior and National Administration, has publicly acknowledged the significant challenges facing the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services.

Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, in a press release on Friday, highlighted the detrimental impact of years of underinvestment, supplier debts, and corrupt practices that have hindered the department's ability to provide timely and efficient services to the Kenyan people.

The government's acknowledgment comes against a backdrop of public frustration and desperation among Kenyans, many of whom have faced significant delays in obtaining passports.


"The prevailing state of affairs is inexcusable, considering that it is the right of every Kenyan to acquire citizenship documents, including travel documents.

"As the Cabinet Secretary on whose role issuance of passports falls, I take responsibility for the slow pace of reforms, and the prevailing systemic inefficiencies," he said.

These delays have, in turn, led to missed opportunities in employment, education, medical care, and other critical areas, underscoring the urgency of reforming the passport production infrastructure.

In response to these challenges, CS Kindiki has outlined a comprehensive plan aimed at rectifying the situation.


This includes the settlement of outstanding supplier debts and the initiation of a crackdown on corrupt officials within the department, with the promise of prosecution and surcharging for those found culpable.

As the Kenyan government grapples with these systemic issues, the commitment to reform and enhance the passport issuance process is a crucial step towards restoring public trust and ensuring that Kenyans can access essential services without undue delay or exploitation.

The outcome of these efforts will be closely watched by the public and international observers , as the government seeks to streamline its immigration services and uphold the rights of its citizens.


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