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Jubilee is in shambles, cannot field a candidate anywhere in Kenya – DP Ruto

DP Ruto spoke in Bomet

Deputy President William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has said that the Jubilee party is in chaos and cannot field a candidate for any election.

Speaking in Bomet, DP Ruto said that every meeting held at the party headquarters is to break the party further, something that is evident from recent developments.

He went on to say that he will not allow Kenyans to be taken back to where we have come from, promising to continue unifying Kenyans.

Chama ya Jubilee imesambaratika kiasi haiwezi simamisha candidate mahali popote Kenya… hata wakisambaratisha Jubilee na kudunisha, sisi hatutarudi nyuma kwa ukabila, tutasonga mbele kuunganisha wakenya na tuko na mbinu na uwezo na mpango wa kuhakikisha ya kwamba Kenya ambayo tuliunganisha nyuma ya Jubilee isisambaratishwe na watu ambao wanataka siasa ya ukabila ndio warudishe Kenya yetu nyuma,” said the Deputy President.


Ruto mentioned that the priority of the country should be things that Kenyans want and changing the constitution is not one of them.

The DP added that what Kenyans want is a favorable economy that can put money in their pockets and empowering young people.

Hatuwezi kuwa na priority ambayo haifai ama ambayo hailingani na yale ambayo wakenya wanataka. Saa hizi katika taifa letu la Kenya, priority sio kubadilisha katiba, priority ni kubadilisha uchumi ndio wananchi wawe na pesa mfukoni. Priority si kutengeneza nafasi za viongozi, priority ni kutengeneza nafasi za wananchi na vijana. Si kutengeneza positions na vyeo, ni kutengeneza nafasi za kazi kwa vijana wa bomet na vijana wa Kenya,” said DP William Ruto.


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