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Ken Mijungu proposes a new Mercedes Benz S Class for Okiya Omtatah

Senator Okiya Omtatah's humble Nissan Advan sparks public debate as KTN news anchor Ken Mijungu proposes an upgrade to a Mercedes Benz S Class

KTN's Ken Mijungu proposes a new Mercedes Benz S Class for Okiya Omtatah

Senator Okiya Omtatah found himself at the centre of public debate on Friday, not for his usual activism or legal battles, but due to an accident involving his Nissan Advan.

This incident involving his Nissan Advan has stirred surprise among many Kenyans, primarily because it deviates from the norm associated with the country's political elite, who are often seen in the driver's seat of more luxurious and high-end cars like Mercedes Benzes, Toyota Prados, and Toyota Land Cruisers.

Senator Omtatah's choice of a Nissan Advan, a modest and economical vehicle, speaks volumes about his personality and the values he espouses.


In a political landscape where the choice of car can be seen as a status symbol, Omtatah's preference for simplicity stands out.

It's a testament to his humility and commitment to a lifestyle that eschews the trappings of wealth and prestige often pursued by his counterparts.

In a 2023 interview, Senator Omtatah shared insights into his personal life, revealing his preference for driving a Mazda Demio, another modest vehicle, and his general indifference towards titles and material possessions.

"The name 'mheshimiwa' does not belong to me. It belongs to those who call. You don't need a name for yourself, it is the people who need a name for you. So whichever way they choose to define you, that is up to them.


"It doesn't change who I am. I drive a Demio. A car is a system of levers, to get you from point A to B, which a bicycle or anything else can do. A small car is good for the pocket," said Omtatah.

Senator Omtatah's career has been marked by his relentless pursuit of justice and advocacy for the public good.

He has been involved in numerous significant cases, challenging government decisions and policies that he deemed unjust or detrimental to the welfare of Kenyans, among them the Affordable Housing Levy.

His successes in court have not only earned him respect but also positioned him as a defender of public interest.


KTN news anchor, while expressing sympathy for the senator's mishap, suggested that Omtatah's status as a public figure and his contributions to society warranted a vehicle upgrade, specifically to a Mercedes Benz S-Class.

The anchor's remark, "Pole sana my friend senator Okiya Omtatah. You cannot however drive a Nissan Advan. You are prohibited by your status. With the work you have done for Kenyans hata kama tutakuchangia tununue S-Class we have to," reflects a common sentiment that public figures should align their lifestyle with their societal status and achievements.

Senators enjoy a suite of perks and benefits that reflect the significance of their roles in the legislative framework of the country.


Monthly Salary

Senators receive a substantial monthly salary of Sh710,000. This figure is indicative of the high regard and the significant responsibility borne by senators in representing their constituents and contributing to national legislation.

The salary is designed to meet their living expenses and allow them to maintain a standard of living befitting their status as national leaders.

Motor Vehicle Reimbursement


One of the standout entitlements for senators is the motor vehicle reimbursement of Sh7,550,000, allocated for the purchase of a car.

This reimbursement, however, comes with the stipulation that the car's engine capacity must not exceed 3000cc.

Car Maintenance Allowance

Recognizing the wear and tear that official vehicles undergo due to the extensive travel involved in a senator's duties, a car maintenance allowance of Sh356,525 per month is provided.

This allowance covers regular maintenance, repairs, and other vehicle-related expenses, ensuring that senators' cars are always in top condition for official use.


Mileage Claim

Senators are also entitled to a mileage claim of Sh116.63 per kilometre. This claim is based on the use of a car with an engine capacity not exceeding 3000cc, aimed at compensating senators for the cost of fuel and depreciation of their vehicle due to official travel.

It incentivizes senators to use their personal vehicles for official duties, offering a practical solution to mobility needs.

Car Loan

Beyond the reimbursement for a vehicle purchase, senators can take a car loan of up to Sh8 million.


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