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New video shows moments before Embakasi gas explosion as fresh details emerge

An eyewitness has narrated how the driver of the ill-fated gas tanker fled after failing to contain the gas leak

The Embakasi fire tragedy

New details have shed light on the events leading up to the fateful explosion at Mradi Village in Embakasi, Nairobi.

It has been revealed that the incident was not a mere accident but a result of systemic failures and disregard for safety protocols.

According to eyewitness accounts, the driver of the gas tanker, identified as Robert Gitau Murithi, was allegedly involved in illegal gas trading activities, catering to unscrupulous traders who sought cheaper alternatives outside official channels.

Under the cloak of darkness, drivers would clandestinely refill gas cylinders for traders and residents in the area, disregarding the inherent risks associated with such practices.


The clandestine nature of these transactions allowed for unchecked operations, creating a ticking time bomb waiting to detonate.

The events leading up to the explosion paint a picture of negligence and recklessness on multiple fronts.

Despite repeated warnings and concerns raised by residents regarding the pervasive smell of gas and the potential dangers it posed, authorities failed to take decisive action.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) had reportedly demolished the site multiple times and denied the owner a license to operate a gas plant, yet the illicit activities persisted.


Furthermore, the involvement of individuals such as Stephen Kilonzo, the site manager, and Abraham Mwangi, the owner of the ill-fated truck, highlights a broader culture of complicity and disregard for safety standards.

On the night of the explosion, residents found themselves engulfed in a nightmare as gas fumes permeated the air, signaling imminent danger.

Despite frantic pleas from concerned citizens, the driver reportedly struggled to contain the gas leak, ultimately fleeing the scene.

“Huyo driver wakati alitoa hiyo gas ni kama alishindwa kulock hiyo tanker, akitoka kwa kampuni ndani nilimwona akitoka nje alikuwa anableed akiambia watu hii nimejaribu kwa uwezo wangu imenishinda na naona itakuwa disaster hapa, hivyo aliongea hivyo ndio alienda,” the eyewitness stated.


The aftermath of the explosion left a trail of destruction, claiming the lives of seven individuals and leaving close to 300 others injured.

The harrowing accounts of survivors paint a vivid picture of the chaos and devastation that ensued, as flames consumed homes and livelihoods in a matter of minutes.

In the wake of the tragedy, authorities have launched a comprehensive investigation to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Four suspects, including the owner of the site and three suspended National Environment Authority (NEMA) officials, have been arraigned in connection with the incident.



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