Exclusive video of what happened at Olive Restaurant during the breastfeeding saga

Did she lie?

Last week, Olive restaurant attracted controversy after a woman who goes by the name Betty Kim on Facebook, claimed that she was kicked out of the eatery for allegedly breastfeeding her baby in public.

However, the CCTV footage seems to be contradicting what Betty told the public.

The video shows Betty and her baby arrive at the restaurant, where they are received by a waitress, who offers them a seat a few steps from the cashier’s counter.

Betty proceeds to make an order and her baby is seen seated next to her.

Almost four minutes after making the order, she is served. The video goes on to show Betty and her child enjoying the meal before the little girl starts being uneasy.

To calm the baby down, Betty starts breastfeeding her.

From the footage, she breastfeeds the baby for a couple of minutes before a waitress approaches her. The two converse for a few minutes, exchange smiles then Betty stops breastfeeding.

From the footage, it seems they were talking about the breastfeeding.

After the seemingly friendly encounter, Betty continues with her meal as the little girl plays next to her.

Betty stays on until she is done eating after which she settles her bill and exists Olive restaurant.

The footage Pulselive.co.ke has gone through does not show at one instance when Betty entered into a confrontation with the waiters.

Last week, a demonstration was organized in Nairobi against Olive Restaurant for allegedly throwing Betty out of the restaurant for breastfeeding in public.


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