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Pastor Kanyari joins TikTok money-making craze with live sessions to mint millions

The allure of TikTok millions has attracted Preacher Victor Kanyari who was forthright with what he wanted as he put his infamous money-making skills to use on Friday night

Prophet Kanyari

Controversial preacher, Pastor Victor Kanyari has joined the TikTok money-minting craze with live sessions in which he mixed gospel with his quest for money.

The preacher was forthright with what he wanted as he put his infamous money-making skills to use, imploring fans to send him 'gifts' in exchange for heavenly blessings.

Promising to pray for more blessings for anyone who blessed him with gifts, Kanyari spent more than an hour of Friday night on TikTok Live imploring fans to be generous givers.

"Chukua kile ambacho uko nacho, ile gift uko nayo, itume saa hizi na mimi nitapiga makofi yangu niseme ubarikiwe (Take whatever you have, the gift in your possession please send it and I will clap my hands and speak blessings upon you)," Kanyari repeatedly said in a bid to ramp up the collections.


Lacing his pleas with biblical quotes in a bid to drive up his collections for the night, the controversial preacher rode on the platform’s fundraising magic and the allure of millions that could potentially stream into his basket.

Kanyari in communion with God for blessings

In exchange for their gifts, Kanyari shared that he had been in communion with God, asking for blessings.

"Nimeshinda nikiombea hawa watu, nikiambia Mungu, yeyote alituma zawadi yake nikiwa LIVE abarikiwe sana..." Kanyari said.


The gift activity on the screen indicates that Kanyari may have had a good day in office after repeatedly persuading fans to remember his Church ministry and reward his deeds with gifts.

"Kama nimekuwa baraka kwako basi hata wewe kuwa baraka katika huduma hii," he rallied. "Sio Kana kwamba niko na shida ya pesa ama niko na shida ya hizo zawadi ambazo zinapeanwa katika TikTok lakini bibilia inasema mkono utoao ndio mkono ubarikiwao..." Kanyari implored.

The reinvention of pastor Kanyari

Despite the many scandals that have been associated with his ministry, including exposes done by local media houses on fake miracles and setting putting up the equivalent of a call center in which his associates call desperate believers urging them to send money in exchange for blessings, Kanyari has been in the scene for years, reinventing himself and embracing change when the need arises.


He recently addressed the infamous 'Mbegu ya 310' controversy, shedding light on the motives behind his plea for financial contributions from his followers and admitting to exploiting his followers with Sh310 scheme.

Speaking at his Salvation Healing Ministry church in Nairobi, Kanyari revealed that his call for Sh310 donations was driven by a desperate desire to escape poverty rather than the promise of miracles.


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