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Ruto gives world leaders tale of a villager who works for a German AI firm [Video]

President Ruto also announced that some 23,000 Kenyans living in Nairobi have secured jobs at tech giant Apple.

President William Ruto at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi, for the inaugural Kenya Diaspora Investment Conference

In his speech at the World Leaders Summit in Dubai on February 13, President Ruto also shared an inspiring story that he said illustrates the transformative power of technology and innovation in today’s world.

President Ruto recounted his encounter with a young Kenyan named Brian, a diploma student from Kaiboi, a village 400 kilometres from Nairobi, whose life was dramatically changed by the internet and electricity.

The head of state said that Brian, despite never having left his village nor visited Nairobi, and without a passport, has managed to secure employment with an AI company in Germany.

"He has never been to the city of Nairobi but because of technology, the internet and electricity, he now works, not for a supermarket, but for an AI company in Germany," President Ruto spoke.


He explained that this was made possible through the digital revolution in Kenya, enabling individuals like Brian to connect with global opportunities from the comfort of their homes.

"That is what technology, innovation power and the internet can bring. In Kenya, we understand that soul of Innovation is the constant endeavor to meet public demand by providing solutions to problems, efficiently delivering effective services and transforming challenges into productive opportunities," he said.

President Ruto’s narrative underscores Kenya’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance public service delivery and improve the lives of its citizens, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

President Ruto also announced that some 23,000 Kenyans living in Nairobi have secured jobs at tech giant Apple.


Ruto said that in 2023, he visited Silicon Valley in California, U.S. and had a chat with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

"When I visited the Silicon Valley last year, Apple's Tim Cook informed me that his company now employs about 23,000 Kenyans all working from Nairobi," he said.


President Ruto is making significant strides in leveraging the digital revolution to create job opportunities for Kenyans and enhance the country's economic prospects through technology.

During the 59th Jamhuri Day celebrations in Nairobi, themed "Connect, Innovate and Inspire,"

President Ruto highlighted his administration's commitment to installing 100,000km of digital highway in the form of fibre optic cables.

This initiative aims to expand internet access across Kenya, targeting 29,000 schools, 26,000 markets, and 8.5 million homes with electricity access.


The ambitious goal is to generate one million jobs from Kenya's technology space, demonstrating the government's dedication to embracing technology and innovation for future growth​​.

Furthermore, President Ruto's administration is focused on transforming Kenya into a digital hub, with plans to allocate US$400 million towards a broad tech strategy.

This strategy includes developing digital software with export viability, aiming to position Kenya as a central player in the global digital economy.


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