The President of the Republic of Kenya is undoubtedly the most protected person in the face of the land. Any risk to his security is usually met with the seriousness it deserves.

On Friday, Kenyans were of varied opinions concerning President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security, when a video of his motorcade driving inside State House, Nairobi, was shared on social media.

The clip showed a person in one of the vehicles in the convoy taking footage as the Head of State proceeded inside the House on the Hill.

The recording captured the whole procession and the compound of State House.

As a security measure, the President’s residence is a protected area where taking of photos and videos is usually prohibited unless permission is granted.

The video irked a section of the public who opined that it was a breach of his security.

Charles Wise man noted: "this is absurd! Exposing State House in such a foolish manner.....Some heads need to roll among the guards".

At the same time, an online user identified as Wanjiro Wangai mentioned: “This guy should be fired as we speak! This is utter stupidity.whatever the motive, this calls for serious punishment.Jeez where are we heading to in this country”.

Nonetheless others saw nothing strange with the footage.

Here is the  video:

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