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Meet Judith Akoth who will be graduating from KMTC, 21 years after KCSE

Just 2 months before her final nursing exams, Judith Akoth received the heart-wrenching news of her husband's passing.

Judith Akoth

In a world that often tests the limits of human perseverance, the story of Judith Akoth is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Her life's journey has been marked by challenges that would have left many disheartened, but Judith's unwavering spirit and determination have enabled her to not only overcome adversity but to rise above it.

Early Orphanhood and the Guiding Light of Grandparents

At the tender age of 10, Judith Akoth found herself orphaned and faced with the daunting prospect of navigating life without the support and guidance of her parents.


It was at this critical juncture that her grandparents, in an act of unconditional love and selflessness, stepped in to provide her with a nurturing and stable environment.

Despite the financial constraints that were a constant presence in her life, Judith was determined to excel academically.

Her grit and determination shone through as she diligently pursued her education. She went on to achieve an impressive result of a B- in her KCSE.


Life took an unexpected turn when, following the passing of her beloved grandmother, Judith was forced into an early marriage at the age of 18.

The reason for this dramatic shift in her life's trajectory was a dire one - she lacked a place to call her own.

This harsh reality is a stark reminder of the challenges many individuals face, particularly women, in societies where accommodation and financial stability often dictate life choices.


It wasn't until 2019 that Judith's life began to take a positive turn, thanks to a compassionate farmer who recognised Judith's natural caregiving abilities while she was looking after her sick aunt.

He saw potential in her that went beyond the confines of her current circumstances and encouraged her to pursue a career in nursing—this pivotal moment ignited a spark within Judith, setting her on a path of hope and opportunity.

In March 2020, during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Judith made a life-altering decision.

She enrolled in the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Siaya Campus, embarking on a journey that would test her resilience to its limits.


Despite facing opposition from her family, who were concerned about her safety during the pandemic, Judith was resolute in her determination to chase her dreams.

Life's challenges continued to test Judith's resolve. In January 2023, she faced a devastating ankle injury that threatened to derail her dreams.

As if that weren't enough, just two months before her final qualifying exams, she received the heart-wrenching news of her husband's passing.


"I received the devastating news of my husband's passing on while I was on rural placement. The world seemed to crumble around me, but I refused to be broken," she said.

Now, at the age of 39, Judith Akoth stands on the cusp of a remarkable achievement.

She is eagerly awaiting her final graduation from KMTC with a diploma in nursing. Her journey is far from over; she plans to continue her studies and further her qualifications.


Akoth is not just a survivor; she is a source of inspiration for countless women facing obstacles on their paths.

She offers words of encouragement to others, urging them to persevere in chasing their dreams, no matter the challenges that lie ahead.

She firmly believes that by supporting one another and upholding moral values, societal perceptions about the Kenya Medical Training College and the opportunities available to women can be positively transformed.


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