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Turkish journalist gets 4 of Miguna's vicious one-liners

The interview was Miguna's first having kept off media interviews for a while after coming back from exile in 2022

A screengrab of Miguna Miguna's interview with TRT world

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has once again made headlines following a recent interview with media outlet TRT World.

Known for his outspoken nature, Miguna did not hold back in delivering sharp responses whenever the presenter failed to provide him with ample room to address the questions posed.

When the presenter described Miguna's relationship with Raila Odinga as Shakespearian, the lawyer strongly disagreed, dismissing the comparison outright.

"It's a very personal relationship, almost Shakespearian," the presenter stated.


Miguna, however, swiftly retorted, "It's inst, it's just that people like you do not understand what it is. Don't answer your own questions."

Below is a video from the interview :

Not holding back, Miguna called out the journalist's lack of intellectual focus and urged him to remain attentive.


"You are not intellectually clear, let me explain to you so that you remain intellectually focused," Miguna asserted.

When asked about his thoughts on the protests led by the Azimio One Kenya Coalition, Miguna didn't mince words. He described the leaders as 'cynical and hypocritical' stating that they were unfit to lead such protests.

"Raila Odinga is not committed to change, he's not committed to transformation. He is not a progressive intellectual leader," he said.

The conversation also touched on Miguna's perspective on Twitter's verification process. When asked about being among the Twitter users who were verified without paying, Miguna acknowledged the significance of the verification badge before it became monetized.


"Well, it meant something when it was not being paid for. Before, it meant you had a unique voice and a unique contribution to make, and that there should not be distortions on the contribution you have to make," he noted.

Since jetting back to the country after a five-year exile, Miguna has appeared in a few media interviews.

His interviews are however known to be fiery often with exchanges with journalists. In one instance he walked out of an interview panel on NTV.


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