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Governor is busy 'chasing deals & girls' - Miguna goes after Sakaja

In a lengthy post on Twitter, Miguna lamented and alleged that unemployment, garbage, chaos and insecurity have taken over Nairobi with the governor nowhere to be seen as he is allegedly "chasing deals and girls".

Miguna Miguna

Canada-based lawyer Miguna Miguna has gone after Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and expressed his displeasure at the state of Nairobi city, admitting that it pains him to see the city in its current state.

Miguna alleged that while it is easy to transform Nairobi into a modern metropolis, the governor and his administration are busy “chasing deals and girls”.

He noted that it pains him to see all the garbage in the city, with commuters spending hours in traffic.


“It pains me to see all the garbage in this great city, Nairobi. It hurts me deeply to see commuters spend hours in traffic gridlocks with hours of productivity wasted.

“I watched a motorist chasing after a mobile phone thief on Waiyaki Way. When we asked a policeman why he didn’t intervene, he said: “why was he on the phone?” He justified the robbery!” Miguna wrote on Twitter.

He wondered where governor Johnson Sakaja who was elected promising to “Make Nairobi work” is in the midst of all that is going on.

“It’s so easy to transform Nairobi into a modern clean and safe metropolis, yet our governor and his administration are busy chasing deals and girls! Where is the governor? I’ve not seen him even trying to clean Nairobi River. Why hasn’t he initiated a Rapid Transit System that Dar did within 3 years?” Miguna added.


Miguna noted that city residents do not need one excuse after another at a time when nothing is working according to him.

“We don’t need excuses. Create jobs for the well-educated but idle youth. Clean up the city. Build a light rail and transit system. Introduce a recycling and garbage incineration system. They are cheap and environmentally sound! Make Nairobi clean and safe for all residents. We deserve better. Don’t tell me “This is Africa BS!” Africa is the oldest and richest continent. She deserves much better than this.

Governor Johnson Sakaja trounced his competitors in the August 2022 elections, including Azimio la Umoja's Polycarp Igathe and promised to transform Nairobi.

He has implemented several projects in the city, including the tarmacking of roads, and the expansion of hospitals among others.


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