Uhuru’s family to hold another Ruracio

The First family is set to pay dowry to the Narok community that was long overdue.

The dowry due is for Uhuru’s grandmother, the late Susana Musana, a Maasai girl who was captured from her manyatta in Narosoora area in Narok.

Uhuru’s cousin Captain (Rtd) Kung’u Muigai informed the Narok community that preparations to pay the dowry were close to completion. He explained that Kung’u’s great grandson, the President is obligated to pay the dowry that his great grandfather failed to offer for Musana as per the cultural expectation.

He said, “Kung’u, the son of Musana went ahead to marry his wife without paying his mother’s bride price. Mzee Kenyatta also went ahead to marry before paying his grandmother’s bride price, but now, President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta wants to correct the wrong meted on the Maasai community by paying the price… Musana is the mother of our family, we respect her and that is why we have taken time to trace her origin.”

Though the date for this auspicious date is yet to be revealed, Musana’s family spokesperson, Chief John Giliisho announced that they too were preparing for the Kenyatta’s family.

The spokesperson revealed that the family is planning a feast for the First family. Other than the variety of special foods that must be given to the distinguished guests, the spokesperson also announced that new songs were being written for their entertainment.

“We have a special bull for the visitors according to our culture. The cow is black and white in colour and it is already cleansed by the elders. The meat will be prepared on olive tree leaves. The visitors will eat only some special parts of the cow…Respected elders in our society will dress our visitors with special Maasai attire and, thereafter, lead them to sit on an exceptional stool where they will dialogue and reconcile over the past wrongs before the two families are blessed by the elders,” he explained.

The wine blesses the visitors and can only be made by the elders while the oil branches are believed to be divine, its branches are used for flavouring soup and cleaning.

“Everyone is welcome to come and witness the big occasion but not everyone will be allowed in the distinct room where the First Family will be hosted or to taste the food set aside for them,” the Chief extended.

According to Captain Muigai, the search for the late Musana’s home started in 2013 once Uhuru was became the President for his first tenement.


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