Kenyan Members of Parliament are still at crossroads with the Executive over the posting of Ms. Mwende Mwinzi to South Korea as an Ambassador.

The MPs argue that despite the fact that they rejected her appointment, Ms.Mwinzi was still appointed to represent Kenya in South Korea.

On Wednesday night, 17th February, the South Korean Foreign Ministry accepted Ms.Mwinzi’s letters of credence, in Seoul, signalling her full start of work as an ambassador.

President Uhuru Kenyatta nominated her in May 2019 but the National Assembly Foreign Relations Committee approved her appointment on condition that she renounce her US citizenship, before assuming her new role.

Kenyan Parliament in session
Kenyan Parliament in session

The High Court, however, ruled in Ms.Mwinzi’s favor after she had sued the National Assembly, wanting MPs barred from forcing her to renounce a nationality she said was acquired by birth.

The legislators led by Mosop MP Vincent Tuwei now claim that the posting of Ms. Mwinzi was in contempt of Parliament.

The National Assembly is set to debate a report put out by the implementation committee, on Tuesday, 23rd February.