Larry Madowo Dares Uhuru

Larry Madowo takes on the President and billionaire Chris Kirubi

In his column, Front Row, Madowo dared Kirubi and the President to invest in the young generation of Kenya.

The TrendShow host blasted Kirubi stating that his regular online Ask Kirubi show was not enough investment if he intends to make a significant change in the lives of young Kenyans.

“Chris Kirubi needs to invest in Kenya’s young people next. It is not enough for him to pontificate about entrepreneurship online; he needs to put his money where his keyboard, sorry, mouth is,” he mentioned.

Madowo also challenged billionaire and businessman Manu Chandaria highlighting that the three wealthy men should bring together their peers to invest in the next generation.

“He (Kirubi) needs to get together with Manu Chandaria, the President and other monied Kenyans to set up a fund to support the next generation of entrepreneurs,” Madowo emphasised.

Referring to Kirubi's multi billion Two Rivers Mall, the journalist opined that “malls, apartment blocks, holiday homes and fast-moving consumer goods are all great, but it was time to support brilliant ideas from young people with audacious dreams to change the world”.

Madowo highlighted that after attending Technology conference in Paris he finally understood why Sillicon Valley - the home to many start-up and global technology companies. Apple, Facebook and Google among others - has forever prospered.

“Silicon Valley exists because people who have made money here continue to invest in the valley,” he wrote on his article.

Madowo added: “They bet on inexperienced youths with baffling visions of the future and when it pays off, they make their money back several times over”.


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