Immigration boss advises Miguna on what to do to become Kenyan again

The only way Miguna can be Kenyan again?

This is according to Immigration Director Gordon Kihalangwa who foresaw his deportation to Canada after taking part in the swearing-in of National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking at a parliamentary committee vetting him for a Principal Secretary position, Mr. Kihalangwa defended Government’s position to deport Miguna on grounds that the lawyer revoked his Kenyan Citizenship when he attained the Canadian one.

“It is true Dr. Miguna was born in Kenya. But when he left the country in 1986, he negated all other processes that made him Kenyan,” the Immigration boss said.

Law on citizenship

However, Kihalangwa claims contradict the law which stipulates that a Kenyan Citizen by birth cannot lose their citizenship.

During the session, Dr. Kihalangwa insisted that the Government applied the law in the process of deporting the Canadian-based lawyer.

This comes after, the Immigration Director complied with High court orders instructing him to surrender Miguna’s passport which was confiscated during the controversial deportation.

The document presented before the court was defaced and as per Kihalangwa, this was part of the procedure the Immigration office goes through when dealing with a deported individual.

In court papers, Kihalangwa through lawyer Fred Ngatia stated: “In compliance with orders issued on February 15, we attach the perforated passport of the applicant. The compliance, however, is without prejudice to our client’s rights to challenge the legal validity of the orders issued by the court”.

Miguna responds

In protest, Miguna rejected the perforated passport insisting that by destroying his passport Kihalangwa had not complied with the court orders.

“The despots have not complied with Justice Kimaru’s order. The court order clearly states that the respondents must “deposit the passport with the High Court Registry in 7 days.” They were not ordered to return or deposit a destroyed, defaced or perforated passport," he wrote on Facebook.

The self-proclaimed NRM General also mentioned that Kihalangwa misinformed the public when he stated that in 1986 he was already out of the country.

“The despotic nominee Kihalangwa now claims that I "lost" my citizenship in 1986. From Feb. to August 1986, I was at the NYS, Gilgil. From September to December 1986, I was a student at the @uonbi, Kenya. We know what the despots are smoking,” Miguna said.

Miguna was arrested days after the swearing in of Mr Odinga as the People’s President at the Uhuru Park.

He is on record stating that he administered the oath to the former Prime Minister and daring the Interior and Coordination Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i to arrest him.

“I’m the one who signed the oath and conducted it. If they want to look for the person who is responsible it is me and Odinga. Let them come for us!” he said.


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