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Raila’s cousin opposes swearing-in makes special request to Uhuru

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Speaking during NTV’s AM Live Show Mr. Midiwo divulged he was of a different school of thought when probed about his stand on the ceremony scheduled for January 30, 2017.

“Are you for this particular swearing-in in the first place,” NTV show host Debarl Ainea asked Midio

“I am of a different debate. I think this country needs to figure out where we are, whether it is swearing in on the 30 or whether it is dialogue,” he said.


The former lawmaker noted responsible politicians must hold deliberations for the sake of the country adding that Kenya only had two options: “talk itself out of the mess or talk peacefully on how to live separately”.

“This country has only two options which I have mentioned before: let’s talk ourselves out of the mess or talk peacefully how to live separately because where I come from I see youths who have decided to move on and they do not want to be part of Kenya,” he said.

Midiwo urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop ignoring calls for electoral justice highlighting that the uncertainty that engulfs the country after every General Election must be put to an end.

“In 2007 elections did not work, in 2013 they were stolen and in 2017 they were stolen twice. Why can’t we sit down and say this is how we want to move so that each year when we do an election we don’t end up with the uncertainty that to me should be the simplest thing.

“I would talk to Uhuru directly to stop the shenanigans. Stop the sideshows, put all sundry together to see how this country moves forward,” he said.


The legislator, who maintained that he was a NASA supporter, warned Jubilee against ignoring that Odinga’s swearing-in ceremony will take place noting that “Kenyans cannot be stopped”.

Also on the debate was political analyst Herman Manyora who speculated that President Kenyatta was delaying the dialogue as a strategy to let NASA crumble from inside.

"I think the President is gambling. He knows that there is a problem in the country. But he reckons that these fellows are drowning. If I give them a few more months maybe even weeks they will become irrelevant. He knows NASA’s options are becoming limited by the day.

Therefore he is gambling with ‘’let me wait so if we hold talk we are talking with people who have undergone self-distraction,” he opined but mentioned that it was a bad gamble for the President," the analyst noted.

Manyora divulged that in as much as  Odinga’s swearing was of no substance Mr. Kenyatta ought to tread carefully in order to avoid public outrage.


"In this country, we are getting to a place where the leaders may not control the people and the swearing-in must not be dismissed by anybody," he said.


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