Miguna disagrees with Raila days after deportation

No i do not agree with Raila!

Last week during an interview on BBC, Mr. Odinga called for the country to head back to the ballot stating that less than 20 percent of the registered voters participated during the October 26, 2017, fresh presidential election.

“We want another election and according to our timetable that should be by August this year,” he said.


The former Prime Minister insisted that the Opposition does not recognize President Uhuru Kenyatta as the Head of State.

“We do not recognize his Presidency because it lacks legitimacy. I have also not committed treason by swearing myself as the People’s President because on October 26 less than 20 percent of the registered voters voted,” the NASA leader said.

However, Mr. Miguna disagreed with Odinga on the proposed date noting that there was no need to have 'illegitimate leaders' in power for six months.

Speaking in Toronto where he was deported after a controversial arrest for participating in the swearing in of Mr. Odinga as the People's President, the Canadian-based lawyer noted that the election must be held within days.

“I will do better than Raila. Raila is too humble. He is a bit too modest. He has called for elections in six months. I want elections tomorrow. Why six months?” he posed.

Interim Government

He proposed the formation of an interim government which will now see presidential candidates including President Kenyatta head to the poll as civilians.

A fiery Miguna alleged that if Mr. Kenyatta continues as the Head of State while preparing for a new election, he would only use the power to his advantage.

“Why do you want illegitimate people to stay in power or six months? What are we waiting for? No, I disagree with Raila. We want elections next month.

“We want an interim Government right now. Let him (Odinga) and Uhuru Kenyatta get out of that place so that we have men and women of integrity to occupy that office as we plan for elections. Let them approach the elections as civilians. That is what I want,” he emphasized.

I am coming back

The lawyer divulged that he will be coming back to Kenya stating that he had lawyers working round the clock to invalidate the decision to withdraw his citizenship.

"As we speak, my lawyers filed a petition today in the high court seeking to invalidate the purported decision of withdrawing my citizenship.

"My message to Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto is, ‘Kenya does not belong to you and I’ll be back. Sorry!’” he said.


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