SC Fred Ngatia asked about his high-end vehicles during interview for Chief Justice position

Seventh candidate for CJ position interviewed

Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on Tuesday interviewed President Uhuru Kenyatta's lawyer, Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia, as the seventh candidate for the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya job.

The interview began punctually at 9 am and quickly gained momentum as Vice Chairperson Prof. Olive Mugenda was first to ask the candidate a series of question.

Prof. Mugenda pointed out that SC Ngatia had described himself as not a "conspicuous consumption" person in his CV, seeking clarification on what that meant.

"You have said that you have avoided being a conspicuous consumption person. Please explain what you meant because looking at your wealth declaration, I saw very high-end cars listed, isn't that conspicuous consumption?" Prof. Mugenda posed.

SC Ngatia noted that the term is broad, clarifying that he used it to describe his reserved lifestyle where he has chosen to avoid affiliation with any notable social circles.

"I meant social circles. I meant that I am not in social circles, I'm not in most of the new approaches to life, I prefer to hold to my own. I prefer the solace of being in a library as contrasted to being in social circles. I'm one of those lawyers who are not on any of the social media platforms, I prefer to hold my peace," he explained.


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