My father’s corpse has been lying in the morgue for the past 7 months

He died in July last year!

Eutychus Mwaura's family

In most cases when you lose a loved one, the society is always quick to offer condolences messages (not a bad thing), with many telling how they feel the situation you are in at that time. But do they feel what you are going through? I think NO. Somethings are better explained following a firsthand experience of what it feel to lose a loved. Ask someone who have ever mourned people whom they loved, the answer will not be that obvious. 

When a family loses a loved one, too much pain is experienced and the least the family can do is to offer the deceased a decent burial and pray to God to uplift them through that particular moment.

However, there has been a growing trend in the way hospitals have been handling cases of patients who die with bills running into millions of shillings.

Hospitals have been accused of detaining bodies of the dead for months, regardless of the family's financial state and Eutychus Mwaura's is just one of the many cases. 

Here’s the story;

My mother died 4 years ago after a long battle with cancer. About a year and three months ago, my father was admitted at the Nakuru Nursing Home and was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension.

As circumstances would not allow him to continue with treatment at the facility, my father was released after a week and we were forced to move him to Nakuru War Memorial Hospital, which is a private hospital because Doctors’ were on strike, and he needed urgent treatment.

At the time, my father had already stopped paying his monthly National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) contributions as soon as my mother died in 2014 and on his admission to the private hospital, his NHIF account was already inactive.

My father (Eutychus Elvis Mwaura) continued to receive treatment at the hospital and 10 months later he passed on, on July 14, 2018.

Hospital Bill

Upon his death, the hospital bill had accumulated to about Sh2.5 million and in our last communication with the hospital, Nakuru War Memorial’s management said that the bill will have to be paid in full, for my father’s body to be released for burial. 

We the family of late Eutychus Elvis Waweru are appealing for help to raise the required Sh2.5 million to clear the bill so that the hospital can release the body of my father for burial.

The link bellow will direct you to more details of our crowd funding account:


Paybill: 891300

Account: 24839

Editor’s Note: ( contacted Nakuru War Memorial Hospital who said they would only release the body once the bill is cleared)


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