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2 ways to check your Fuliza limit & factors that increase & decrease it

Checking your Fuliza limit and understanding its importance is essential for effective financial management.

Fuliza M-Pesa

Understanding your Fuliza limit – and why it's crucial – can empower you to make informed decisions about your finances and avoid unnecessary debt.

Fuliza is a continuous overdraft service that allows Safaricom’s M-PESA customers to complete their M-PESA transactions even when they do not have enough funds in their M-PESA account.

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to check your Fuliza limit, its importance, and factors that can influence its fluctuation.


To check your Fuliza limit, simply dial *234# on your Safaricom line and follow the prompts.

One of the options presented will be the Fuliza na M-PESA from where you will choose whether to see the limit, Fuliza balance, mini statement and other services.


Alternatively, if you have the M-Pesa app installed on your smartphone, you can log in to your account and navigate to the Fuliza section to view your limit and transaction history.

To get into Fuliza, Dial *334#, Select Loans and Savings, Select FULIZA and opt in. It is important to note that M-PESA accounts registered using foreign passports cannot successfully opt-in to Fuliza.

  1. Financial planning: Understanding your Fuliza limit enables you to plan your finances effectively and avoid exceeding your borrowing capacity. This knowledge allows you to budget responsibly and prioritize essential expenses.
  2. Debt management: By knowing your Fuliza limit, you can prevent overspending and accumulating excessive debt. Being aware of your borrowing threshold empowers you to make conscious decisions about when to use Fuliza and when to seek alternative financing options.
  3. Avoiding penalties: Exceeding your Fuliza limit can result in penalties and additional fees, impacting your overall financial well-being. By staying within your limit, you can avoid these repercussions and maintain control over your financial health.
  1. M-Pesa usage: Your Fuliza limit may be influenced by your usage and transaction history on M-Pesa. Consistent and responsible usage of M-Pesa services can contribute to a higher Fuliza limit over time.
  2. Credit score: Safaricom may assess your creditworthiness based on various factors, such as your repayment history, income level, and overall financial stability.
  3. Market conditions: Economic factors and market conditions may also influence your Fuliza limit. Safaricom regularly reviews and adjusts Fuliza limits in response to changing economic dynamics and customer behavior.
  4. Repayment behavior: Timely repayment of Fuliza balances can enhance your creditworthiness and potentially lead to an increase in your Fuliza limit. Conversely, missed or late payments may result in a decrease in your limit or stagnation of your limit.

Customers are charged a one off 1 per cent access fee and a daily maintenance fee is applied the next day.

Here is a table detailing all Fuliza Charges.



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