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Step by step guide on 2 ways you can easily check your M-PESA statement

Regularly reviewing your statement can help you stay informed about your transactions, detect fraud and monitor your spending

A person using M-pesa

M-Pesa has become a staple in the lives of many Kenyans, offering a convenient and efficient way to handle financial transactions.

To stay on top of your finances, it's essential to know how to check your M-Pesa statement, which provides a record of your transactions.

This article will guide you through the process of checking your M-Pesa statement in just a few minutes.


One of the most straightforward ways to check your M-Pesa statement is by using the USSD code on your mobile phone. Follow these steps:

  1. Dial *334# on your mobile phone.
  2. Choose the 'My Account' option from the menu.
  3. Select 'M-Pesa Statement' from the sub-menu.
  4. Choose between a mini statement (recent transactions) or a full statement (transactions over a specific period).
  5. If you select a full statement, you may need to specify the time frame you want to view.
  6. Your statement will be sent to you via SMS or email, depending on your choice.

If you prefer using an app, you can check your M-Pesa statement through the Safaricom app:

  1. Download the Safaricom app from your app store if you haven't already.
  2. Open the app and log in with your Safaricom number.
  3. Navigate to the M-Pesa section within the app.
  4. Choose the 'Statements' option.
  5. Select whether you want a mini statement or a full statement.
  6. The app will display the statement on your screen or send it to you via email.

Reviewing your M-Pesa statement regularly can help you spot unauthorised or suspicious transactions.

If you notice any activity you don't recognise, it could be a sign of fraud, and you should report it to Safaricom immediately.


Your M-Pesa statement provides a clear overview of your spending habits, allowing you to track where your money is going.

This can help you identify areas where you may be overspending and adjust your budget accordingly.

Your statement helps you verify that all your transactions were processed correctly and that the amounts charged are accurate.


Errors can happen, so it's essential to ensure you were charged the right amounts for your transactions.

Your statement shows your current account balance, including any transaction fees charged by Safaricom.

Keeping an eye on your balance can help you manage your funds more effectively and avoid unexpected fees.




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