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Cause of 'Connect' error on Kenya Power token keypads & how to fix it

The 'connect' error often occurs when customers try to top up, causing inconvenience.

Token keypads

Electricity is more than just a utility—it's a lifeline for households and businesses. With Kenya Power's prepaid electricity system, consumers have the flexibility to manage their energy consumption efficiently.

However, the occasional 'Connect' error on the prepaid token keypad can cause frustration and inconvenience to Kenya Power customers.

Understanding the root cause of this error is the first step toward resolution. According to Kenya Power, the 'Connect Error' indicates that the keypad is busy establishing a connection with the meter. This process may take longer than usual, leading to the error message.

So, how can you tackle this issue and get your electricity flowing smoothly again? Here's a step-by-step guide:


Ensure that your token keypad is plugged into a wall socket on the same line as your meter.

This could even mean using your neighbour's socket if you share the same line. Sometimes, a simple adjustment in connectivity can make all the difference.


Also check to ensure your keypad's batteries are in good condition.

If the connection issue persists, try entering a specific code sequence provided by Kenya Power.

Press 59698686 followed by your meter number, then press OK. Next, enter 1275 4194 1448 6450 5970 followed by OK.

Finally, input your meter number again. This sequence may help reset the connection and resolve the error.


If all the other options fail, please don't hesitate to reach out to Kenya Power for more help. Their customer support team is equipped to handle such issues and can provide personalised guidance.


Resist the urge to apply force or aggressive handling to the keypad. This could cause more harm than good and potentially damage the device irreparably.

Refrain from disassembling the keypad unless you're a qualified technician. Tampering with electronic devices without proper expertise can void warranties and lead to further complications.


While DIY fixes may seem tempting, they can be risky and ineffective without the right technical know-how.

Stick to authorised repair procedures provided by Kenya Power or seek professional assistance.


If the keypad issues persist despite your efforts, don't delay seeking professional assistance.

Continuing to use a malfunctioning keypad can compromise safety and lead to more significant problems down the line.



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