Akothee opens up on how people have been frustrating her after launching own Foundation

It looks easy on cameras - Akothee

Akothee opens up on how people have been frustrating her after launching own Foundation

Singer Akothee has for the first time opened up on frustrations she has been undergoing after launching Akothee Foundation in September last year.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, the singer said that her brand has become vulnerable because people have taken advantage of the fact that she is the one running the foundation.

Some cooperates have invited me to their offices , promised huge contributions and after getting direct contacts with me, photos, that’s the end 🙏 when I follow up on what they promised, it's water under the bridge, & I look like a bother 🙏 God is seing you ,💪” she said.

Akothee stated that some people (fans) have always insisted on talking to her before making their contributions to the foundation, and this has landed them in the hands of conmen and women.

She wondered why such fans would feel more special compared to those who just send their support without asking to meet her.

What makes them different from those who just see the paybill 205024 and do the necessary?

The spirit of entitlement is overwhelming in the society. I have people stalking me in the name of they want to contribute to the foundation, Even coming to my door step. one SAM came almost 4 times saying he has 50,000 pounds, He follows my life on Instagram stories and cook his package, he was given the bank details and office address. The police called him so they could go and collect the contribution he had, he then switched off his phone 🙄 ,but he insisted on coming to my home, saying we met at the golf, he knows me from long time ,we Were friends, I sincerely don't know this annoying person . I almost got him arrested for stalking me,” read another part of her long post.

Madam boss said that she has had people volunteer to work with the foundation and when they are released for not living up to the expected, they demand to be paid for doing nothing.

Akothee mentioned that it all looks easy on camera but many times it’s not what it seems, assuring her followers that charity is a calling and no one forced her into doing it.

I would like to tell you that ,it looks easy on cameras ,but at times I even go to bed without food for being exhausted, I don't want anyone to sympathise with me ,for me charity is a calling, no one has forced me into it, I have my fulfilment when I creat change , and make someone smile . For those who wish to turnish the Name of the Foundation, just know that THIS FOUNDATION IS A UNIQUE ONE ,it's guided by the spirit of God ,and there is TOTALLY NOTHING YOU CAN DO OTHER THAN MAKING NOISE FOR YOUR OWN FULFILMENT, GOSSIP IS CHEAP AND AVAILABLE , ITS MAINLY DONE WITH BITTER PEOPLE 🙏,” added Akothee.


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