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10 Hollywood movies Barak Jacuzzi's late brother Nagi Jacuzzi was featured

In 2021, Nagi whose real name is Sammy Njuguna survived an incident of gun violence, sustaining three gunshot wounds to his chest

Barak Jacuzzi's late brother Nagi Jacuzzi

Rapper Barak Jacuzzi, is mourning the loss of his older brother, Hollywood actor Sammy Njuguna popularly known as Nagi Jacuzzi.

In an emotional Instagram story, Barak shared a picture of Nagi and described him as more than just a brother but also a close friend who played multiple important roles in his life.

"My coach, sparring partner, my friend, accomplice, inspiration, bodyguard, advisor, therapist, hype man, wingman... Really HIM!" Barak mourned his brother.

Barak went on to reveal that Nagi had been instrumental in his own success, acting as his biggest supporter and advisor. He acknowledged Nagi's significant influence, stating he is part of the reason he is where he is.


"The only reason I made it this far," he stated.

Expressing his profound loss, Barak expressed how much he missed his brother and longed for him to walk back through the front door, almost expecting Nagi to return as if his absence had been a mere misunderstanding.

Barak's heartfelt tribute resonated with his followers, who flooded the comments section with messages of condolences and support during this challenging time.

The passing of Nagi Jacuzzi occurred one week prior to Barak's Instagram post, and details surrounding the cause of his death had been kept private until now.


Nagi Jacuzzi, known for his accomplishments as a Hollywood actor, writer, and artist, played a significant role in raising Kenya's profile in the global entertainment industry.

Among the Hollywood movies Nagi featured in include :

  1. Black as Night
  2. ATL Homicide Season 2
  3. NCIS: New Orleans
  4. The Emperor
  5. Lilith’s Ball: 7 Deadly Sins 
  6. The 5th quarter 
  7. Death Sentence 
  8. Dear John (I)
  9. Sammy appeared in the Episode 'Driven To The Edge', a crime series For My Man 
  10. Nagi got featured in Documentary film 'Downing of a Flag'

In 2021, Nagi experienced a traumatic incident of gun violence, enduring three gunshot wounds to his chest.

Despite the adversity, Nagi remained resilient and shared his journey with his fans, inspiring them with his determination and unwavering spirit.


After undergoing two surgeries and spending two weeks in a coma, Nagi bravely opened up about his experience, revealing the challenges he faced during his recovery. Despite the pain, he remained hopeful and expressed gratitude for God's blessings, promising his fans that he would regain his full strength in the coming months.


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