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Abel Mutua finally shares daughter's KCPE success & high school choice

Abel Mutua has expressed his happiness and anticipation for his daughter Mumbus' next chapter as she prepares to join a prestigious secondary school

Abel Mutua

Veteran actor and filmmaker Abel Mutua has finally talked about his daughter Stephanie's success in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams and the exciting developments awaiting her in 2024.

In an interview with local media on December 12, Abel expressed his happiness and anticipation for Mumbus' next chapter as she prepares to join a boarding school in January.

Abel Mutua expressed immense happiness as a parent, sharing that Mumbus will be transitioning to a boarding school.


He reminisced about the celebratory atmosphere present now noting that he did not get aby because Mumbus came too early.

He humorously mentioned that Mumbus was welcomed into the family when he was just 24 and his wife Judy 23, and he playfully hinted at the potential challenges of an empty nest.

"Anaenda boarding. Naskia fiti sana. Unajua huyo mtoi alikjua nikiwa 24. Hizi sherehe mmekuwa mkipiga hapa mimi sikuwahi piga. Sasa wacha nimsafirishe, sijui kama ni tarehe tisa, tarehe kumi mtatusoma kwa gazeti.


"Judy cannot wait. Afadhali mimi nilikuwa 24, she was 23 then we got her. Although after two weeks hivi tutamhata, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now wacha akwende," he said.

In November, Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira congratulated their daughter for her outstanding performance in the KCPE.


While they didn't disclose her specific marks, Judy Nyawira expressed pride in their daughter's accomplishments.

"You have done is so proud! Well done Mkamba wa mama," she wrote.

However, the celebration stirred curiosity, leading some individuals to inquire about Mumbus' results. Abel addressed this by stating that since Mumbus is already an internet sensation, people can find her and ask directly. He hinted that the details might soon be revealed.


Asked if he could declare what her daughter got, Abel maintained that since Mumbus is already an internet sensation, they could all look for her and ask her. He, however, said that the results will soon be known.

"Sasa Mumbus ashakuwa ntu wa internet, Mtafuteni tu pale mumuulize tu. Atawaambia. But nyinyi jueni sis tuko tu sawa hatutakuwa tumefurahi hivi," he said.

Besides celebrating Mumbus' academic achievements, Abel Mutua shared insights into his upcoming projects in the entertainment industry.

He revealed that Phil-It Production, his production company, is gearing up to release a movie in 2024.


Additionally, fans can anticipate another edition of the popular Jyuuce Party, following the success of the last sold-out concert in 2023.


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