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Sandra Dacha: Trick husbands use to invite side chicks to family functions

The actress has revealed the trick married men use to keep their side chicks closer to them.

Sandra Dacha

Sandra Dacha, a popular Kenyan actress and social media influencer, has recently revealed the trick married men use to keep their side chicks closer to them.

In a post on Instagram on March 1, Dacha stated that side chicks have become so prevalent in today's society that they are now family members.


She added that these women often mingle with their husband's friends and colleagues at events, even though the wives may not know their existence.

"Sidechicks are now family members. They sit within your husband’s friends and colleagues when he invites them for your occasion," Sandra said.

According to Dacha, every woman whose husband is doing well has a side chick.

"They know you, but you don't know them," She said.


Dacha is currently in a relationship with comedian Akuku Danger.

In January 2022, she confirmed that she was in a relationship with the popular social media personality.

Speaking in an interview with Mpasho during a fundraiser to settle the hospital bill of Akuku Danger, the Big Machine said she is keen on having her bae back home.


“Akuku is my Bae…he is my boyfriend. Now that he is healed, kijana anafaa aende nyumbani, akule na akule ndio apone kabisa. Kijana saizi hakuli vizuri.

(The guy needs to go home and eat well so that he heals completely. He's not eating well). If you gerrit, you gerrit," Sandra Dacha joked.

The two have been sharing photos and videos, creating content together.


In July 2022, Dacha caused a stir when she openly admitted to being Akuku Danger's side chick.

"I know I am your side chick but Mannerson kindly limit how you post your wife," Dacha wrote on Facebook, referring to Akuku Danger's wife.

During an interview on Radio Maisha in July 2022, the Aunty Boss actress stressed that she is still dating Akuku Danger even though he is married.


She added that they cannot break up as they are still 'locked' to each other.

"Unataka tuwachane? Hatuwezi achana, bado tuko locked (Do you want us to break up? We can never leave each other, we are still locked)," Dacha said.


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