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You will pay this much to get exclusive updates on Akothee & hubby's love life

Akothee introduces a steep fee for accessing updates on her love life

Akothee and Schweizer

In a bold move that combines sarcasm with a touch of audacity, Kenyan singer Akothee has taken her approach to privacy to a whole new level.

The artist recently unveiled an unexpected price tag for those seeking updates on her love life with her husband.

In an Instagram story post on August 20, the mother of five dropped the bombshell, declaring that netizens interested in the intricate details of her love life would have to cough up a hefty sum of Sh50,000.


The unapologetic move was justified by the artist, who pointed out that many individuals had been capitalising on her willingness to share details for free.

Those willing to part with the specified amount would not only receive updates but also exclusive photos and insights into her and her husband's future plans.

"We shall be charging 50,000 ksh to update you with our love life story, we shall send you photos and also update you about our future plans together with my husband," she wrote


However, the singer was quick to caution those not willing to pay the fee. Akothee's straightforward message left no room for misinterpretation; If you can't afford the price, keep your curiosity at bay.

She firmly stated that any inquiries about her love life from those unable to meet the fee would result in a swift block from her social media accounts.


"Nothing is for free anymore. If you don't have Sh50,000 don't ask about my love life. I will block you and you won't do shit. Mumezoea vitu vya bure sanaa. Hapa ni kulipa upate update raw," she wrote.

She emphasised that there are no freebies when it comes to matters as intimate as her love life.

In a matter-of-fact tone, she reminded those who have become accustomed to free access that this new era demands a change.


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