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Akothee opens up on rejecting billionaire's proposal

Akothee has refuted marrying her husband for wealth, saying she rejected 3 proposals including one from a billionaire

Akothee enjoying time along during a past vacation

Kenyan singer and entrepreneur, Akothee, has once again taken social media by storm with her recent Instagram post, in which she playfully boasts about her husband Denis Schweizer.

In a society where wealth and status often play a significant role in marriage, Akothee's decision to prioritize other qualities in a partner has sparked discussions and admiration from her followers.

She revealed that before her current hubby, she turned down not just one, but three proposals, including one from a billionaire.


However, Akothee also expressed her preference for a partner who is not a "nobody."

She humorously suggested that with her own hot and sexy persona, she attracted a high value man such as her hubby.

She further elaborated on her stance on wealth and marriage, stating that she wouldn't marry someone solely for their wealth, as she has her own.

"I can't marry a nobody. If so, I would have done this a long time ago. I am hot and sexy therefore I attract the likes of Omosh.

"I can't marry for wealth, I have my own. If wealth was a question, I rejected 3 proposals from not only the rich but a billionaire," she said.


Akothee described herself as a rare find, implying that she possesses qualities that are not easily found in others.

She proudly celebrated her recent marriage to her "prince charming" and acknowledged his worth, family, and wealth.

Akothee said that she values her husband not just for his financial status, but for his character, values, and the love they share.

"A woman like me is very rare to find. I married my prince charming. I know his worth, his family and his wealth. He has all the qualities I wanted in a man," she added.


Akothee's Instagram post is a reflection of her bold and unapologetic personality. She exudes confidence, independence, and a sense of humour, challenging societal norms and expectations surrounding marriage and wealth.

Her message conveys that she values qualities beyond material wealth in a partner and has found someone who meets her expectations in all aspects of life.

As a successful and influential figure in the entertainment industry, Akothee's words carry weight and impact.

She uses her platform to share her thoughts on relationships, self-worth, and societal expectations, encouraging her followers to challenge norms and pursue their own unique paths in life.


After a 14-year journey, Akothee has finally sat for her final exams at Mt Kenya University to complete her Bachelor of Business Management degree.

This remarkable achievement comes just days after her grand wedding, forcing her to postpone her honeymoon until after her exams.

However, with the unwavering support of her new husband, Akothee is determined to fulfil her academic dreams.

Taking to her social media accounts, Akothee shared her excitement about ticking off another item from her bucket list.


She posted, "Day 2 into my final Exams. Bachelor of business management Academic year 2022/2023. Specialising in Human Resource."

You can Hire me after August. It's been a journey. 14 years in University. I will be back once I am done. My last paper is on Saturday at 6.00 pm. Where do we throw the party? Then off to my Honeymoon nikapate mimba na hukooo. Bravoo Mrs. Schweizer.

Akothee's journey to complete her degree has not been without challenges.

Balancing her successful music career, business ventures, and personal life with her academic pursuits has required immense dedication and perseverance.


However, with the support of her new husband, who has been driving her to school daily, Akothee is focused on her goal and overcoming various obstacles along the way.

Her story serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the importance of determination, hard work, and resilience in pursuing one's education and personal goals, regardless of the challenges that may arise.


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