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Details of Akothee's flight that almost claimed her life

Akothee sent goodbye messages to all her loved ones, including husband, baby daddy & children


In an unexpected turn of events, popular singer Akothee recently had a terrifying experience while aboard a flight with faulty brakes.

As she faced the possibility of an emergency landing, her thoughts turned to her loved ones.

As Akothee boarded the ill-fated flight, little did she know that it would soon become a journey filled with fear and uncertainty.


The flight, expected to be a short one-hour trip, took a perilous turn as the plane descended towards Geneva but abruptly soared back into the sky.

Just as the plane was about to land, it abruptly ascended again, leaving passengers in a state of confusion and fear.

"Hii ndio ingeitwa ill-fated flight. My husband booked me a flight from Paris to Geneva, we took off at 4.30 and was to land after one hour. Mmmmm upon arrival in Geneva we descended almost landing, then boom , the flight went back to the sky," Akothee narrated.


Confusion enveloped the cabin as the pilot remained silent and the crew ceased their usual duties.

Akothee's thoughts raced to her loved ones, as she contemplated the possibility of not seeing them again.


In those critical moments, she penned heartfelt messages of love and gratitude to her husband, children, and even her mother eagerly awaiting her return to Kenya.

As the plane circled Geneva for a nerve-wracking 50 minutes, the tension within the cabin was palpable.

Passengers braced themselves for an emergency landing, instructed by the pilot to secure all belongings and remain calm.

"My intestines congealed ,and thought of my children, my husband who was waiting for me on the other side , my mother who is waiting to see me back in Kenya . We took 50 minutes going around Geneva .

"I only heard pilot say we need to put everything in the cabin yaani everything, stay calm and we might be prepared for an emergency landing," she continued.


Akothee found herself confronting the reality that this might be the day she would bid farewell to the world.

With bated breath, Akothee and her fellow passengers touched down safely, greeted by the presence of fire brigades.

It was then that the pilot revealed the shocking truth—a faulty brake system had put their lives in grave danger. The relief and gratitude that flooded Akothee's heart were immeasurable.


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