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Akothee opens up on escaping reality with sleeping tablets

Akothee admitted that she once asked her doctor to inject her with strong sleeping medicine to escape the reality


Singer Akothee has revealed that she struggled to accept what fame brought into her life and how to handle certain situations.

Akothee says she was clingy at some point in her life and that she struggled to accept that she could parent her kids virtually.

She wrote, "I battled it and came out alive. Something was messing up with my brain, and I was struggling inside a body fighting to live and a mind ready to switch off. I was overwhelmed with outbursts and uncontrolled emotions. I struggled with being myself without offending anyone, accepting what fame threw at me.


I came to accept that at some point, I would have to let go of certain things. I struggled with letting some people out of my life without hurting them and loving them from afar. Yes, I struggled with accepting that most of the time, I would have to parent virtually. All the huge mansions left me with only the dogs and birds."

Akothee continued to share that the situation had a physical impact on her health.

She explained that the left side of her body became numb, starting from her neck and extending down her body. As a result, she lost energy in her left arm and was unable to lift anything.

Akothee went on to explain that despite numerous hospital visits, nothing seemed to change. That's when she decided to move in with her sister, who has three kids.


She could only sleep after listening to the children's voices, and she would often break down when her phone rang.

Due to her health situation, Akothee began using antidepressants, which only made things worse. She experienced intensified emotions and frequent panic attacks.

To escape reality, the singer and businesswoman started using sleeping tablets, eventually asking a doctor to inject her with a strong sleeping medicine.

"After several hospital visits, I moved out of my mansions and went to live with my sister who has three kids. I could only get some sleep when I heard children's voices. Whenever any of my friends called me, I would start crying.


"I was put on antidepressants, which only made things worse with intensified emotions and crazy panic attacks. From one day to the next, I needed stronger sleeping tablets. One day, I asked a doctor to inject me with a strong sleeping medicine so that I could just sleep," Akothee concluded.

Akothee added another post, stating that she talked to a friend about her situation, and the friend advised her to travel more like she used to do. Her friend felt that she was stuck, and traveling was the only thing that she was missing.

She also declared that she would always put herself first before anyone else.


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