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Alikiba confronted by wife amidst claims of new catch

Amina Khalef initiated the divorce process in February 2022, but as of today, Alikiba has not signed the divorce papers


Amina Khalef, the wife of Tanzanian music icon Alikiba, has publicly criticized her husband, accusing him of continuous disrespect and refusal to sign their divorce papers.

The couple, who got married in April 2018, has been facing marital issues, and Amina filed for divorce in February 2022. However, the divorce process has hit a roadblock as Alikiba allegedly hesitates to sign the papers, leading Amina to speak out about her frustration.

Amina Khalef expressed her exasperation, highlighting the need to address the continuous disrespect she has faced.

"I am tired of being disrespected publicly while people don't understand the situation behind the scenes of being a married woman," she said in a social media post.


Amina accused Alikiba of protecting his brand by not signing the divorce papers. She pleaded for him to sign the papers, stating, "Kindly nakuomba SIGN THE PAPERS ili nipate Divorce yangu kila mmoja aendelee kwa uhuru."

Adding to her grievances, Amina accused Alikiba of infidelity, claiming that he publicly engaged in displays of unfaithfulness throughout their marriage. She alleged that the singer disregarded her feelings and made a mockery of their union. Furthermore, Amina disclosed facing verbal abuse from her in-laws, exacerbating the strain in their relationship.

She emphasized that her attempts to resolve their issues had been in vain, leading her to believe that their marriage was irreversibly broken.


"The marriage is irreversibly severely broken with no chance of being salvaged," Amina stated

In her divorce suit, Amina Khalef sought monthly upkeep of Sh200,000 for herself and their children, along with medical cover for the two. These demands highlight her desire for financial security and the well-being of their children as they navigate the separation.

The legal battle between Amina and Alikiba unfolds against the backdrop of Alikiba introducing a new lover, a woman named Jennifer, which likely adds more complexity and emotional turmoil to the situation.


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