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I'm locked to Arrow Bwoy for life - Nadia confirms amidst breakup

Nadia hints at getting back together with Arrow Bwoy

Singer Nadia Mukami pours her heart out to Arrow Bwoy in #Raha [Video]

Kenyan pop musician Nadia Mukami has finally come out to speak about the state of her relationship with her fiancé, Arrow Bwoy.

Speaking during an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, the 'Wangu' hitmaker clarified that although things have not been easy since she delivered their son, Arrow Bwoy is still hers.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur assured her fans that she was not chasing clout when she confirmed the two were not together.

She added that 2022 has been a very challenging year for her as a new mother and a star trying to keep up with her singing career.


Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami have a son, Kai, who they both appear to love so much. The two lovebirds even had a song written for him.

In an attempt to stop guys who were trying to book them for a double show, Nadia confirmed through her Instagram stories that they had broken up with Arrow Bwoy earlier this month.

“We have not been together for a while, we broke up. Kindly contact individual management for bookings,” Mukami wrote.


The two lovebirds got engaged in March 2022, during the launch of Arrowbwoys Focus album in Nairobi.’

The couple went ahead to announce through perfect pictures on their socials that they were expecting a child.

Although the relationship between Nadia and Arrow Bwoy has always seemed like a smooth ride, the two have been trying to work things out just like any other couple.

When the rumors of the two lovebirds dating first broke out in 2019, they both denied it and claimed it was just a professional friendship.


Nadia claimed Arrow Bwoy was in another relationship and that she was not ready to ruin a family at that time.

However, in April 2020, the 'Jipe' hitmaker shocked her fans when she stated that the professional friendship had somehow progressed to a romantic thing, claims that were not well taken by Arrow Bwoy.

Arrow Bwoy even went as far as calling what they had with Mukami some "sideshows" and advised her to focus on her career to become the best female artist in Kenya because she had the potential.

“She is one of the vibrant female artists we have in East Africa, na ako na potential kubwa sana ya kupeperusha bendera yetu ya Kenya, na hii yote inaezekana kama anaeza channel hiyo energy yote kwa craft yake, aachane tu na hizi sideshows," Arrow Bwoy said during an interview.

A year later, the tune was love in the air mood for Mukami and Arrowbwoy. It was a kiss on the beach photo with matching outfits that confirmed to their fans that they were dating.


“My hardworking, patient, pure-hearted handsome man! Baba Safari,” Nadia captioned the photo with what seemed like too much love.

Fans are tuned in as the couple seems to be mending their relationship.


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