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Wameingiza feelings - Bahati answers DJ Xclusive on remarks regarding Kenyan music

Xclusive said Bahati should be the last person to talk about Kenyan music

Bahati and DJ Xclusive

Singer Bahati has addressed radio presenter DJ Xclusive's recent comments regarding the state of Kenyan music and its competition with Nigerian and Tanzanian music.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, July 25, Bahati chose not to engage in a direct confrontation with the DJ, emphasizing that they share a friendly relationship.

However, he did question why his wife, Diana, was being brought into the conversation.

"Sasa mke wangu Diana ameingilia wapi kwa hii story? Niliongea tuu ukweli kidogo kumbe watu wameingiza feelings," said Bahati, defending his original remarks.


He made it clear that his intention was not to disrespect DJs or the media, as he has always held them in high regard throughout his career.

On Monday, July 24, Bahati voiced his concerns about Kenyan music being overshadowed by the popularity of Nigerian and Tanzanian music.

He attributed this phenomenon to the lack of unity within the Kenyan music industry.


In his statement, he stressed the importance of artists working together as a team to elevate the Kenyan music scene to a global level.

"No solo Kenyan artist can take our sound global on their own; that's a fact. We need to Work Together as a team or else we will keep curtain raising for our neighbours.

"Look at What they're Doing, They're Coming Together and through their unity they're taking over home & away!" read part of Bahati's lengthy post.

In response to Bahati's comments, DJ Xclusive expressed his disagreement, stating that Bahati had no right to comment on matters concerning Kenyan music.


He criticized Bahati for allegedly prioritizing content creation with his wife over making music.

The NRG Radio presenter claimed that Bahati had veered off his music career path and instead relied on clout to promote his songs.

"Bahati is the last person to talk about Kenyan music; he used to be one of the finest artists in the 254 until he started doing TikToks with his wife Diana," DJ Xclusive remarked.

He added that even though Bahati has been doing music, he has been producing music backed by clout.


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