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Bahati forced to defend self over claims of 'ditching' God for worldly things

Dear GOD...You Know I Have Never Changed ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™- Bahati

Singer Kevin Bahati

Singer Kevin Bahati has been forced to defend himself after Netizens accused him of abandoning God, despite swearing that he will never depart by his side a few years ago.

In an update, Bahati said that he has never changed, despite being judged by Kenyans with the songs he has been releasing in the recent past.

โ€œDEAR GOD!!! .... I have Seen People Send & Tag Me to this Video. But Because Father You Know My Heart & Reasons You Know this is Still Me; this are still are My Words and You Know I Have Never Changed ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™



Separated from the Gospel Industry

Bahatiโ€™s clarification come at a time netizens had resurfaced his speech at Groove Awards where he said that no matter what he will never abandon God.

In July 2020, while appearing on Jessy Junction, Bahati said that he opted to separate himself from the Gospel Industry and focus on doing on doing love songs.

โ€œThe gospel ni Christ and I have Christ in my heart and believe in God and God is the reason Iโ€™m at the top, I cannot leave Christ, thatโ€™s the most important, itโ€™s not the gospel industry. The Gospel Industry I rottenโ€ฆbut thatโ€™s story for another day.


"I prayed before I wrote Wanani, Missing You,nili-consult God sana. I was fought a lot in the gospel industry and I knew I was not doing the gospel for the people. So when Iโ€™m doing a gospel song I will do it for God not for the industry".

I just separated myself from the gospel industry for a while but Iโ€™m in Christ and the lord is my personal saviour,โ€ said Bahati.

At that particular time, people were urging him to declare his stand on whether he was still a gospel artiste or he crossed over the secular world.

Many were throwing stones at Mtoto wa Mama on grounds that most of his recent songs got zero spiritual content yet he is a gospel singer.


Willy Paulโ€™s Take

Just the other day, Singer Wilson Abubakar Radido alias Willy Paul also explained that he ditched the gospel music industry for secular, over what her termed as too much hatred in the gospel world.

He also pointed out that he was tired of the hypocrisy in the Gospel industry and wanted to be real with himself and not lie to God.

The singer went on to reveal that he was always frustrated by fellow artists and Djs who denied him airplay with claims that his songs were not good enough.


'Reasons as to why I left. Hate from my fellow artists and Djs, luck of airplay ( claiming my content wasn't Godly back then ) ubaguzi na mapendeleo.. I was the top artist but these evil people couldn't see that. Or they just chose to ignore the reality!โ€ he said in part

Adding; โ€œSince I loved music and had bigger hopes with my career I chose the other side which is where I am today, n that's what has kept me alive and stable.I was tired of the hypocrisy in the so called Gospel industry. Plus I just wanted 2b real with myself and not lie to God! God cannot be fooled so I took a chill pill na sai niko hapaโ€.


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