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Chebet Ronoh takes break after 2 traumatic experiences

Chebet revealed on her Instagram stories that she was a victim of gender-based violence and had nearly experienced robbery with violence.

Chebet Ronoh

Former radio presenter Chebet Ronoh has revealed that she is a victim of gender-based violence (GBV).

According to her Instagram post on February 16, the former radio presenter noted that she had not created content for a while because she had recently gone through two traumatic experiences.

The 22-year-old narrated that two weeks ago, she was a victim of gender-based violence and had nearly experienced robbery with violence.


She said the police are following up on the issue and acknowledged her love for content creation.

The influencer did not give more information concerning the same but promised her fans better content in the future.

Chebet Ronoh's has been in the entertainment industry for a while now. She first hit the screens in 2019 as an Instagram comedian.


She gained many followers and became a social media personality with her comedy content.

As her fame began to travel, she landed a role at NRG Radio in May of the same year. Miss Ronoh joined Charlie Karumi on NRG Stars, a show targeting youth.

However, the gig ended shortly. She later revealed that she was not happy with the job and decided to quit.

In November 2020, Ronoh returned to radio with a job at Homeboyz radio. She co-hosted a breakfast show dubbed 'TheLiftOff ' alongside G-Money and Neville.


This, too, was short-lived. She quit barely a week later, citing the same reason, not happy - and has never returned to radio since.

“When the opportunity came, I thought God was seeing something…and I thought it would look good on my name being back on air…but then again I went back, and I wasn’t happy, I didn’t like it again.

"It had nothing to do with the station; I was like, I am back to doing what I don’t want to do. So, with time I said NO, and I was able to leave that again, and that was the best decision I made,” she said.


In February 2022, Ronoh received the YouTube Silver Plaque after her channel crossed the 100,000 subscribers mark on the platform.

Currently, the channel has over 130,000 subscribers.

After her two unsuccessful radio jobs, Ronoh was accused of being confused.


The content creator publicly clarified that she was not depressed in any way. She stated that she was doing fine in a video that has since been deleted.

“First of all, I believe we need to understand what depression is, coz it really sucks because you are just you, and people start telling you, you are not okay, sis, you don’t even know me …so in any situation. I am not depressed; let it be known. I’m very fine,” said Chebet Ronoh.

Chebet, who has been a subject of online trolling, is proud of herself and appreciates the journey so far. She recently shared photos of her weight loss journey.


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