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Daddy Owen makes announcement amid reports of introduction ceremony with Charlene Ruto

Daddy Owen makes announcement amid swirling reports of his alleged introduction ceremony with Charlene Ruto at his home in Kakamega.

Daddy Owen

Renowned Kenyan musician Daddy Owen has recently made headlines, not just for his musical achievements but also due to reports surrounding an alleged introduction ceremony between his family and Charlene Chelagat Ruto, the daughter of President William Ruto.

While the artist and Charlene Ruto have neither confirmed nor denied these reports, the buzz around this potential union has been amplified by several X users who have now reshared and congratulated the two on X.

Efforts to obtain clarification from Daddy Owen proved unsuccessful when this writer attempted to contact him.

Reports by Nairobi News on December 27, suggest that he has taken a significant step by officially introducing Charlene Chelagat Ruto to his family.


This alleged introduction ceremony reportedly took place in Eshifiru village within Kakamega county, where Charlene had the opportunity to meet Daddy Owen's mother, Margaret Mwatia.

While neither Daddy Owen nor Charlene Ruto has confirmed or denied these reports, the news has quickly gained attention, trending at number one on various platforms.

Kenyans have shared and reshared the Nairobi News report, with reactions ranging from awe to hearty congratulations.


Amidst these swirling rumors, Daddy Owen has made another significant announcement – the release of a new song.

The award-winning gospel singer, with a career spanning years and at least 28 awards under his belt, remains a prominent figure in the music industry.


Known for his Kapungala style, Daddy Owen has produced numerous certified hits in Kenya and Africa.

The artist has declared that the song 'Follow' will drop on January 1 at the peculiar time of 1:43 AM. This unexpected release time has piqued the curiosity of fans.

In November, social media was abuzz with pictures of Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto engaging in a friendly game of basketball.


These images fueled speculations about a potential romantic connection between the two. When contacted by Milele FM to clarify the nature of his relationship with Charlene, Daddy Owen responded with discretion.

In his statement, Daddy Owen emphasized the need to avoid discussing certain matters and asserted that the connection with Charlene was primarily professional.

He highlighted ongoing projects with Charlene, emphasizing that not every association goes beyond friendship.


The artist's reluctance to delve into the details suggests a desire for privacy and discretion concerning his personal life.


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