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How I made it on TikTok - David Moya shares what defines his career

David Moya is the most followed Kenyan on TikTok

David Moya [Instagram]

Choreographer David Moya has finally spoken about what made him become the most followed person on TikTok in Kenya during an interview with Andrew Kibe.

Moya who has grown his own brand over time has finally come out to tell everyone what his journey looked like before he became famous in Kenya.

First of all, Moya who studied Communication in college said that he used to post his content on YouTube but his dreams were nearly shattered after noticing that he was not making a lot of money from the platform yet he had a bunch of dancers that he used to pay.


Moya continued that it was during the post-Covid era that he decided to do something new to make Kenyans happy and that is when he started going on the streets to record his content.

When Moya started recording his videos on the streets, many people received his content positively and some of his fans started to dictate his next moves.

Moya was doing surprise videos and he noticed that it is only men who were interested and that is when he decided to think of something different to capture the attention of ladies.


Moya re-introduced dancing as part of his content and there was a video that he recorded while surprising a lady at the market while dancing and it really did well online.

The video gathered 10 million views in two days on TikTok. That was his game changer because he was now sure about the type of content that his audience wanted.

Moya was active on TikTok and he was keen on what people said about his content. He added that he started to move to different locations to shoot his content because that is what his fans wanted.

Moya was not making any money at the time despite making mind-blowing videos that were being consumed widely.


He continued that he didn't give up since he loved what he was doing. Moya made over 50 viral videos and he didn't even a cent from them.

He started making money later on after clients started to pay for his services which was surprising and dancing while delivering gifts most of the time.

According to Moya, persistence, passion, and being keen on what his audience love has helped him to be successful on TikTok


David Moya is the most followed Kenyan on TikTok.

  • David Moya has visited over 10 countries to surprise people. His flights and accommodation are usually facilitated by his clients.
  • Moya charges from Sh20K to 30K to do a surprise video. Many factors determine what every client is charged.
  • His videos have never been scripted since day one.
  • Moya makes more than two domestic flights to surprise clients on a weekly basis.
  • Moya surprises up to 10 clients on a busy day.

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