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Defiant Akothee reveals powerful figures attempting to silence her works

In February this year, goons allegedly nearly attacked Akothee in Migori county offices forcing the intervention of police

Musician and businesswoman Esther Akothee

In a bold and unapologetic stance, celebrated Kenyan businesswoman and musician, Akothee, has taken to social media to address what she perceives as attempts to stifle her philanthropic efforts and collaborations with some government entities.

Akothee, whose real name is Esther Akoth, minced no words as she asserted her commitment to her vision despite facing adversity.

According to the singer, she has found herself at the receiving end of what she describes as attempts to intimidate her, allegedly by some Nyanza women politicians.

"I nver knew I would be a threat to anyone. I am brand Akothee, preiod. It appears that since I began collaborating with several government offices, I may have inadvertently offended some women from Nyanza who hold significant positions," Akothee revealed, hinting at the source of the purported friction.


Akothee expressed her confusion regarding the specific interests she might be conflicting with and emphasized her commitment to her goals.

"I want to make it clear that my intention is not to cause friction, but rather to stay true to my vision and mission," Akothee stated.

Despite facing resistance and unfair treatment at various events, she remains resolute in her convictions.


Moreover, Akothee extended an olive branch, expressing her openness to dialogue and understanding, yet firmly reiterating her unwillingness to compromise on her goals and principles.

"If there are specific grievances or areas where my actions are seen as problematic, I am open to understanding these perspectives. However, my dedication to my work and principles will not waver," she stated.

In February, Police were forced to intervene and help Akothee after goons allegedly planned an attack on her in Migori County offices.


According to her, she was ambushed by goons while visiting the county finance office. These assailants, she claims, were lying in wait, expecting her to exit through the main door, only for her to evade them by using an alternative exit.

Further complicating the incident is her claim that county reinforcements arrived only to fraternize with the attackers, insinuating a disturbing level of complicity.


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