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Details of Trio Mio's Congolese-Italian father & his role in the rapper's success

Trio Mio credits his father, also a musician, as a pivotal inspiration in his musical journey

Trio Mio

In a revelation that has caught the attention of fans and followers alike, Kenya's youthful rap sensation Trio Mio, best known for his chart-topping hit 'Cheza Kama Wewe,' has shared intriguing details about his father, a figure previously shrouded in mystery.

The rapper's journey, often compared to the legendary E-Sir for his remarkable lyrical prowess and infectious flow, has predominantly spotlighted his professional achievements and the unwavering support of his mother.

Yet, in a candid interview on the Iko Nini podcast, Trio Mio delved into the significant influence his father has had on his burgeoning music career, offering a rare glimpse into his familial life.

Trio Mio, whose real name is Mario TJ Kasela, unveiled that his father possesses a rich heritage, with roots stretching from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Italy.


This diverse background has undoubtedly contributed to Trio Mio's unique sound and musical versatility. More than just a familial connection, Trio Mio credits his father, also a musician, as a pivotal inspiration in his musical journey.

The young rapper shared touching anecdotes of waking up to his father's singing and guitar playing, moments that not only sparked his interest in music but also nurtured his growing talent.

"My father's singing used to wake me up in the morning. I used to hear him sing, and I would wake up and listen to him, just studying what he was doing," Trio Mio reminisced.


This daily ritual of musical immersion played a crucial role in shaping Trio Mio's artistic direction. His father's prowess as a guitarist and his vocal talent left a lasting impression on the young artist, encouraging him to explore and develop his own musical identity.

Trio Mio also highlighted his father's instrumental role in overcoming creative hurdles, such as writer's block, which many artists face.

Citing a recent collaboration with renowned artist Bensoul, Trio Mio revealed how his father's intervention helped unlock new creative avenues, enabling him to complete the track with renewed inspiration.


"Whenever I feel stranded, he would come through. He is really good," he said, acknowledging his father's enduring impact on his music.

As Trio Mio ventures into learning Lingala, a nod to his Congolese heritage, he expresses a desire to reintroduce his father to the music scene after a hiatus.


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