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Diamond Platnumz splashes Sh5.2 Million on new Gold & Diamonds Chain [Video]

Simba kicks his haters in the teeth with new pair of multi-million chain

Singer Diamond Platnumz splashes Sh5.2 Million a new Chain  [Video]

WCB President Diamond Platnumz is out here proving to be a big spender after splashing a whooping Sh. 5, 238 595 million ($48,000) on a new pendant bearing his nickname Simba complete with an image depicting the head of a Lion.

On Saturday, August 7, 2021, Chibu Dangote took to his Instagram page to flaunt the new Gold and Diamonds #HalfManHalfLion pendant.

The Jeje maker went on to warn that artistes should avoid putting on fake Chains because they risk getting cancer.

“Gold and Diamonds💎 #HalfManHalfLion Pendant!….stop wearing fake chains young boys...there's cancer ✌🏼....USD 48,000…Tsh! 111,360,000 for de pendant.................🕊


Aye ye ye! Naondokaje sasa??? kwanza nawahi nini wakati nimeachwa???? #FRESHI @icejewlz 🙌🏼”shared Platnumz.

The new chain come days after the star rewarded himself with a number of expensive chains plus his entire WCB crew.

On Many occasions, Platnumz is always splashing million on Gold or Diamond bracelets, Chains and finger rings, basing on the fact that he is a lover of finer things in life.



Lost Sh1.8 Million Chain

In November 2018, Simba lost a pair of his white gold and diamond chains during the first Wasafi Festival that was held in Mtwara Region.

The ‘Jibebe’ singer leaned out of his car to interact with fans and a couple of hands grabbed at his chest trying to get the chain and at the speed of lightning someone made away with it.

“Yanii hii ndio ile ‘Huamini Unachokiona’ ...Doh! kweli MTWARA Kuchele....ukiniangalia vizuri hapo baada ya kuporwa kama nikawa nina mawazo ghafla..... sjui nilitaka kulia.


Zile zilikuwa white gold na diamond nilinunua Marekani. Sikumbuki lakini hazishuki million arubanne (Ksh1.8 Million). Nilijua haziwezi kung’oka, alivyotokea mtu ghafla akazipull nilipatwa na shock.” Said Diamond.

White Gold Plated Grillz

In May 2021, the Award-winning superstar acquired a new set of expensive White Gold Plated Grillz (Solid 18kt White Gold Top & Bottom).


The WCB president shared a number of photos rocking the new Premium White Gold Top and Bottom Grillz, customized with his name ‘Simba’ and ‘Platnumz’.

According to his 'Plug', the Grilliz were worked on for two weeks, at a time the singer was in South Africa for the preparation of his 4th Studio Album.


Grillz, sometimes called “fronts,” generally are removable. In recent times, some celebrities have been flashing more than clean, white teeth at their fans. Under the spotlight, the glint from their mouths comes from "grillz" decorative covers often made of gold, silver or jewel-encrusted precious metals that snap over one or more of their teeth.


The trend towards tooth coverings was boosted in recent years by hip-hop icons and rappers , although wealthy musicians and some athletes have spent thousands of dollars to decorate their teeth with grillz made of gold, Diamond and platinum.


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