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Diana Marua criticised for dragging Kibe's ex-wife in online beef

Diana Marua has begged Kibe's ex-wife to reconcile with the YouTuber

Diana Marua

Diana Marua has taken her beef with YouTuber Andrew Kibe a notch higher after she shared images of Kibe and his ex-wife on her Instagram page as she questioned who hurt the YouTuber.

Various people have aired their views stating that it was unnecessary to drag Kibe's ex-wife into their mess yet she could be somewhere living happily after divorcing the YouTuber.

"Question of the day: Who hurt Andrew Kifeiliaa? If this lady in this photo is the one that heart broke this failed ex-radio presenter, we beg her amrudie because sisi wengine tunaumia juu ya hio divorce.


"How can Kifee be hating on all married people? Is this even normal??? Priiisss priiiisss let's all come together and beg Kibe's allegedly ex-wife to go back to him. Kifeee amechoka kunyonga monkey sasa atajinyonga," Diana wrote.

The message was attached to three photos of Kibe and his alleged ex-wife when the two were still a thing.

Diana Marua has been on the receiving end after she shared images of Kibe and his ex-wife asking Kenyans to unite so that they convince the lady in the photos to re-unite with the YouTuber.


Alex Mwakideu who is a presenter at Milele FM was quick to comment on the post as he asked Diana to respect Kibe's ex-wife.

"I honestly wish you didn't have to bring the lady in this. That girl is probably living her quiet life. Raising her children or something.

"She's a lady just like you. She hasn't done anything wrong. Hata hajakukosea jamani. Sijui kwanini umemuingiza kwa vita vyako na Kibe," Mwakideu responded.

Diana's post was in response to Kibe's YouTube video that he shared yesterday bashing her for mentioning his name to gain his attention.


missi_.k Leave his ex-wife out of this. Kibe is an incorrigible little man with no redeeming qualities as a human being but I don't see the point of dragging his ex who probably loathes him as well into his madness.

winnieshikuhwish I feel dragging his ex-wife to this drama is very unnecessary. You probably hurt the lady plus probably the man he's seeing now! Kama ni kifee deal nayeye kivyake.


lindalove254 Diana tunajua hii ni kiki juu ya ngoma but why put that lady in your shit with kife si udeal nae bila kuweka third party.

akinyiobala I wish you didn’t include the lady…she didn’t deserve this public humiliation.

pinkyshee1 You ought to leave that woman alone. That woman never speaks about you. That woman is innocent in all this. She ain't ever talked shit about you. It's Kibe that calls you names, not that woman. Come on.

What is your take on Diana Marua's action to include Andrew Kibe's ex-wife in her beef with Kibe?


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