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Diana Marua shares painful childhood memory of teachers who humiliated her

Diana Marua exposes 2 teachers who humiliated her in school.

Diana Marua

Social media influencer and YouTuber Diana Marua has opened up about her painful experiences during her school days.

In an Instagram video on September 5, Diana recounted the mistreatment she endured at the hands of her math teacher and expressed her determination to prove her doubters wrong.


Diana Marua began her video by addressing a painful childhood memory that has stayed with her for years.

She described an incident in which her math teacher, Mr. Kimamu, had subjected her to humiliation and belittlement during her school days.

Diana explained that she wanted to share this story to confront her past and demonstrate her resilience.


She displayed her car, emphasising that it was just one of many in her collection. Her message was clear: she had succeeded and thrived despite her teacher's doubts.

"Nimekasisrika sana. Childhood trauma is real. Let me tell you one of the most embarrassing moments of my life...

"There is this math teacher. You see this car, This is just one of the many cars that I own. I want this information to reach you, Mr. Kimamu, and Mr. Nzioka. Mwalimu wa Maths, this is my mansion. You treated me like a nobody in school."


The content creator didn't stop there. Diana took the opportunity to highlight her role as an employer, introducing her employees to her audience.

She showcased her living room and the supplies of food in her house, alluding to her teacher's doubts about her future and financial success.

"Unajua I'm an employer. Huyu mwalimu alifikiria ntalala maskini. That was the most humuliating thing this teacher ever did to me. Na hii video iwafikie," Diana said.


Diana's video was not just about showcasing her success; it was also a way for her to address her childhood trauma.

She wanted to demonstrate that her past experiences had not defined her or limited her potential. Instead, she used them as motivation to prove her doubters wrong and achieve her goals.

In the final moments of the video, Diana Marua walked upstairs to her mansion, showcasing her bedroom and that of her kids as well as the other rooms that lie within the mansion.


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