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DJ Fatxo bags Mugithi artist of the year award

DJ Fatxo has bagged the award amid the ongoing investigations around Jeff's death which occurred in his apartment

Mugithi artist DJ Fatxo

Controversial Mugithi artist, DJ Fatxo, has been awarded the Mugithi Artist of the Year Award at the e360 awards despite the ongoing murder case of Jeff Mwathi, which occurred in his apartment.

The artist was announced as the winner of the coveted title through e360's Instagram. However, most of the comments being posted are negative compared to the feedback given to other winners by Kenyans.

"Congrats DJ Fatxo for winning Male Mugithi Artist of The Year East Africa in e360 Awards 4th edition 2022/23," read the e360 statement.


The artist, however, has reacted after winning the award, with his last post on Instagram dating back to March 11th.

In that post, he requested media reporters to attend his press conference to address the circumstances surrounding the death of Jeff Mwathi.

DJ Fatxo, on his part, extended his condolences to the family of the late Mwathi after his demise.

He confirmed that he reported to the police that Jeff was missing since the 23-year-old was in his house.


He also dismissed rumors that he did not mourn Jeff, stating that he tried to reach out to his family to help with funeral arrangements, but received no response.

valentine.msoo Ooh wow! Mediocrity!

nft_.pac Pure bullshit! No way people actually voted for him tbh not unless.


kezyakanyagya Mlihesabu za Samido na Waithaka;wa Jane kweli?

i.amroby_ We don't care about the winning what we want is the ruling of the case of Jeff.

wakabajr Mugithi awards ? In East Africa? East Africa??? Bro no one know what mugithi is diani don't even cross the border.

stephaniedaizy They're trying to confuse us but we've refused to be confused.


i.amroby_ We don't care about the winning what we want is the ruling of the case of Jeff.

w.ah.u Kenya tutakufa na wivu. He sang the songs before Jeff died so stop behaving like mliikuwa mnataka hiyo award. Kama hutaki kum congratulate jiwekee comment.

djshiti_comedian Ati Wafungue server hiyo kura irudiwe?

baby__ras How come, we just knew him coz of Jeff? Ama y'all know his songs? Hizo awards hatuzijui anyway.


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