DK Kwenye Beat excites fans with his massive transformation, after Weight Loss (Photo)

DK Kwenye Gym

DK Kwenye Beat shares weight loss

Gospel Singer David Kilonzo popularly known as DK Kwenye Beat has been on a weight loss journey and it is evident with the results.

The Asusu hitmaker posted before and after pictures that capture his weight loss.

The singer has been endlessly fat-shamed and trolled over his weight since 2017, with fans urging him to hit the gym.

In 2018, DK enrolled at Eveal health and Fitness GYM under instructor Evelyn Okinyi who is a Figure competitor, fitness model, and personal trainer Ms Kenya.

Ms Okinyi also handles Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu as a personal trainer who has been behind his tremendous weight loss Journey.

Since then, DK has been sharing his journey at the gym with videos.

Safari Imeanza :DK KWENYE GYM ,” wrote DK Kwenye Beat

"Since November last year, it has been like a song. DK you need to work out, DK you need to hit the gym. For emphasis, memes have been created and shared online. I have seen it all and I almost quit social media but I resolved to stay and respond to the criticism with love, with my story. When I started out, most people knew me as a petite guy." shared DK in a past post.

DK is not the only celebrity who has been bullied over their weight; Kiss 100’s Lynda Nyangweso suffered a few years back from unremitting bullying over her weight.

But she had a snappy comeback for the critics who have since simmered down.

“First *Linda Nyangweso*-not my name. Second: thank you for exposing your ugliness and pettiness behind your pseudonyms and trying to dampen my shine. it’s cool though #nothingbutlove .believe it or not, me being a big girl isn’t exactly news let alone Kenya’s best-kept secret. I have a music video and guess what, I’m in it.I have a Facebook profile and guess what, I’m on it. In full view of the world. Unashamed and beautifully and wonderfully made. I really could keep going but why should I? I’ve got bigger things to do and I am on the Christ side of life and I am way too blessed to stress. Third: if me waking up in the morning and loving who I am offends you, well tough! #gonnakeepshinning #wwjd #kiss100," she wrote.


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