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Double delight for Lilly Asigo as daughter marks new chapter a day after son's birthday

Jua Cali, equally proud of his daughter's milestone, took to his own social media platform to extend his congratulations

Lilly Asigo

Celebration and pride filled the air as Lilly Asigo and her husband, Paul Nunda, also known as Jua Cali, rejoiced in their daughter Abby's recent graduation.

The joyous occasion was further amplified as it coincided with their son's birthday, creating an unforgettable double celebration for the family.

Expressing her heartfelt elation on Instagram, Asigo shared a poignant message honouring her daughter's achievement, enveloping Abby's future endeavours with blessings.

"Congratulations Abby on your graduation 👩‍🎓 I cover your destiny with the blood of Jesus! In Jesus Name Amen," Asigo wrote, encapsulating the depth of a mother's love.


Jua Cali, equally proud of his daughter's milestone, took to his own social media platform to extend his congratulations in a simple yet profound manner.

"Congratulations Abby on your Graduation," Jua Cali said.

Married for eight years and raising three children together, Jua Cali and Lilly stand as a beacon of a successful celebrity union, adeptly navigating the complexities of public attention and their private life.


Their love story, marked by an initial encounter at a City Hall event, highlights the enchanting dynamics that led to their enduring partnership.

Recollecting the early days of their courtship, Jua Cali reminisced, "I met her at an event in City Hall...I was performing. It was a students' event, and she was somewhere I could spot her in a black dress."

Entranced by her unwavering enthusiasm for his music, he found a deep connection with her genuine appreciation for his artistry.

"She was singing all the lyrics in every song. I was impressed; she came backstage, and we talked... exchanged numbers, and the rest is history. She had been invited by her friend who was in that college," Jua Cali fondly recounted.


Reflecting on the moment when he knew Lilly was the one, Jua Cali emphasised her understanding and acceptance of his life as an artist.

"She was a clever girl... after knowing her and the family. My wife understood me as an artist; she understood my lifestyle. The moment I saw that, it was easy for me. We had no problems... and that is how I knew she is the one," he expressed.


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